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A Dog’s Purpose

  1. sequels
    A Dog’s Purpose Made So Much Money in China It’s Getting a SequelThe film’s advertising campaign targeted China’s dog-owning middle class.
  2. animal rights
    Investigation Concludes A Dog’s Purpose Viral Animal-Abuse Video Was ManipulatedIt was edited “for the purpose of misleading the public and stoking outrage.”
  3. your box office explained
    The Twist Is That Audiences Still Really Like SplitPlus, a tired nation asks itself: What is a dog’s purpose?
  4. movie review
    A Dog’s Purpose Is Sweet Enough to Make You SickEven Lassie wasn’t this saintly.
  5. the industry
    Dennis Quaid Calls A Dog’s Purpose Abuse Allegations a ‘Scam’“First of all, it’s been edited and manipulated.”
  6. controversies
    Dog’s Purpose Animal Supplier Releases Statement“Birds and Animals Unlimited is currently reviewing available footage of these scenes and is evaluating its legal options.”
  7. A Dog’s Purpose Producer Explains Alleged AbuseIn a THR op-ed, Polone contextualizes that TMZ footage, admits the film could have done better, and calls out PETA.
  8. controversies
    A Dog’s Purpose Writer Responds to Controversy He says the leaked video footage “mischaracterizes what happened.”
  9. controversies
    A Dog’s Purpose Premiere Canceled After Dog VidThe studios say review into the footage is ongoing.
  10. boycotts
    PETA Calls for Boycott of A Dog’s PurposeIt showed a German shepherd pushed into a pool despite obvious distress.
  11. uh-oh
    Footage From Dog’s Purpose Shows Petrified PupOn-set footage shows a handler forcing a scared German shepherd to film a water scene.
  12. trailer mix
    Watch a Dog’s Life in the Dog’s Purpose TrailerReady the tissues.
  13. the industry
    Bradley Cooper to Voice a DogWoof.