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  1. A Funny Thing: Cammi Climaco Can Has Cat PukeOur story this week: cats. They are the worst. This is inarguable, timeless wisdom. As if we needed further proof (we didn’t), Cammi Climaco […]
  2. A Funny Thing: Melanie Hamlett’s Winter Was ComingOur story this week: Melanie Hamlett was a gung-ho feminist out to pave the way for strong women everywhere, but a crippling handicap in the […]
  3. Michelle Markowitz No Longer Likes You as a ManOur story this week: Sideburns, zoot suits, and Fred Savage, these are the three omens that signaled Michelle Markowitz’s late blooming into a […]
  4. A Funny Thing: Lisa Kleinman Says Come On, New YorkLisa Kleinman moved to New York for the big dreams, the bright lights, and the infinite possibilities. She ended up with a secret life, […]
  5. A Funny Thing: Caitlin Brodnick Loses Her Mind to Lose a Few PoundsCaitlin Brodnick thought diets were fun. Really. But then she made herself a lab rat in the cult-like laboratory of the Great American […]
  6. A Funny Thing: Kim Kutt is the Beauty and the BeastOur story this week: Comedian Kim Kutt was enamored with the Spanish handsome, Gaston. But their earliest dalliances hit nothing but snags, and […]
  7. A Funny Thing: Nick Kanellis Wets the BedbugOur story this week: Christian talks with Nick Kanellis about one horrible night when Nick suffered the perfect storm of bedbugs, robot vodka, […]
  8. A Funny Thing: Christian Capozzoli Takes Over the ShowOur story this week: Christian Capozzoli is your new host of A Funny Thing. Listen as he takes the reins in our first ever studio session and […]
  9. A Funny Thing: Melanie Hamlett Nearly Seduced by South American Stilt ClownOur story this week: Melanie Hamlett, yearning for the endless, intoxicating adventure of South America found herself couch surfing into a […]
  10. A Funny Thing 4/20 Special: Amey Goerlich Smuggles UpOur story this week:  In honor of 4/20 we bring you international intrigue, body cavity bingo, vagina lips like hot dog buns, and so much more, […]
  11. A Funny Thing: Brantley Brice Discovers Himself, Matt Lauer, and the Power […]Our story this week: Brantley Brice didn’t so much struggle with his sexuality as much as he gleefully did the breaststroke in a river of […]
  12. A Funny Thing: Pat Baer Fights Wolves, Finds LoveOur story this week: Pat Baer, creeped out by an awkward drug party around an unfamiliar campfire, escapes into the forest along with the […]
  13. A Funny Thing: Michael Hartney Gets a Lesson in Sketch Comedy From Rosie […]Our story this week: Comedian Michael Hartney was a fresh-faced writer’s assistant eager to get a foot in the door of the burgeoning gay and […]
  14. A Funny Thing: Ophira Eisenberg Scrapes the Bottom of the Sex BarrelOur story this week: Fresh off bombing her stand up set, Ophira Eisenberg was desperate to turn a bad night into a good one. How to do it? By […]
  15. A Funny Thing: Adam Wade and Peter Aguero Tag Team Their PantsOur story this week: The narratorial tag team of Adam Wade and Peter Aguero form the beast with two butts to double down on the old number two. […]
  16. A Funny Thing: Streeter Seidell Loves Dogs, Re-animation of DeadOur story this week: Streeter Seidell (CollegeHumor) takes us down his twisting path of pet ownership, from the truth of how horrible cats are […]
  17. A Funny Thing: Julia Wiedeman On Abuse and Not LaughingOur story this week: something a little different. For a year now, we’ve been bringing you stories that we thought were funny, many of which […]
  18. A Funny Thing: Abra Tabak Goes to Bummer CampOur story this week: Abra Tabak thought she was headed for the idyllic American summer camp experience. She’d be the fun counselor, with rugs […]
  19. A Funny Thing: Joe Mande Loses His Religion and a Whole Lot MoreOur story this week: Ambivalent Jew, Joe Mande (Kroll Show, Parks and Rec, Best Week Ever) was looking for God in all the wrong places, […]
  20. John Flynn Cheats and Slap Fights His Way Off the Basketball TeamOur story this week: John Flynn was the sort of guy who cares more about the Oscar noms for Les Miserable than sports, until he discovered that […]
  21. A Funny Thing: Eliot Glazer and Jackie Mancini Uncover the Cultish […]Our story this week: Eliot Glazer and Jackie Mancini’s mutual friend mysteriously disappeared, only to resurface later, wedding invitation in […]
  22. A Funny Thing: Sean Canady Owes Elijah Wood an Apology - Here it IsOur story this week: Sean Canady was a lovesick nerd in the heady, wild west days of the early internet. Looking for love in all the wrong chat […]
  23. A Funny Thing: Diana Spechler Swears That’s Not Her Blood, but it Totally […]Our story this week: Diana Spechler was really just one of the guys, perfectly content to hang in the dorm, get high, and pine for Thai food. […]
  24. A Funny Thing: Adam Wade Tells Dan Marino Where to Stick ItOur story this week: Adam Wade, friend of the show, fearless speaker of truth to power, idolized in his youth the great Miami Dolphins […]
  25. A Funny Thing: Nicole Byer Swears She Isn’t DirtyOur story this week: Nicole Byer, she of the Bushmills, she of the floor-pizza, takes us on a charming tour of the mind and predilections of […]
  26. A Funny Thing: Our Favorite Stories of 2012Every week on A Funny Thing we bring you the best, strangest, and often filthiest stories told at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. We […]
  27. A Funny Thing: Jon Gabrus Is Sorry He Farted in ChurchOur story this week: Jon Gabrus, your typical hipster, douchebag, Atheist and host of Guy Code on MTV2 overcomes the joys of mocking the […]
  28. A Funny Thing: Ophira Eisenberg Beds Half a U2 Cover BandOur story this week: Ophira Eisenberg, host of NPR’s Ask Me Another, is torn between two members of a highschool U2 cover band called B4. How […]
  29. A Funny Thing: ‘30 Rock’s Anthony Atamanuik Celebrates a Lifetime of […]This week on A Funny Thing, Anthony Atamanuik, one of the Writers Who Never Talk on 30 Rock, reveals a lifetime of sexual endeavors that veer […]
  30. A Funny Thing: Christian Capozzoli Dresses Up Like an Old Man and Bleeds […]Ever showed up to a costume party to find you are the only one in costume? Imagine that, then add blood. Lots of blood. You won’t believe how […]
  31. A Funny Thing: Hayley Bing is Drinking Pee and Taking NamesHayley Bing was dating a nice boy who happened to be friends with the biggest asshole in the world. One time he gave her a beer that was really […]
  32. A Funny Thing: Kate Tellers Gets Handsy During Thanksgiving DinnerThis week on A Funny Thing, a story from comedian and storyteller Kate Tellers about the time she put on a corset, impersonated an Astor, and […]
  33. A Funny Thing: John Flynn Fights One Enormous TesticleComedian and storyteller John Flynn awoke one morning to discover one of his testicles had swollen to the size of an ambitious nectarine. Only […]
  34. A Funny Thing #34: Yowza with Jiji LeeThis week we bring you a two-fisted double feature from storyteller Jiji Lee. First, an ode to the indignities and vagaries of the New York […]
  35. A Funny Thing #33: Losin’ It with Dan HarmonWe’ve been a little scrambled by Hurricane Sandy here at A Funny Thing headquarters. But Kelly and Taylor are safe and sound and now you get to […]
  36. A Funny Thing #32: The Old College Try with Jon GabrusJon Gabrus lived the quintessential Hollywood college experience, if Hollywood was the name of an alternate world where everyone thought it was […]
  37. A Funny Thing #31: A Stupendous Job with Adam WadeAdam Wade was young man, a fragile asthmatic, unprepared for the rigors of band. He needed a place in the world. Until that is, a kindly, but […]
  38. A Funny Thing #30: Tumbleweave with Nicole ByerThis week, Nicole Byer sidles up to the Genius Bar and walks away with a plate full of hot mess. A whole bottle of Georgi, a tight weave, and […]
  39. A Funny Thing #29: The Period Piece with Halle KieferThis week, Halle Kiefer yearns for the day when everyone wore a shirt around their waist. A blowout on the L train sends Halle down the crimson […]
  40. A Funny Thing #28: Wrong Place, Wrong Time with David SmithymanDavid Smithyman wanted to lay low and avoid attention, to pass as a phantom over the choppy waters of an awkward adolescence, but the universe […]
  41. A Funny Thing #26: Killer Moves with Jim SantangeliThis week, a 10-year-old Jim Santangeli dances face first into murder. Only by surrendering himself to the rhythm of life and summoning the […]
  42. A Funny Thing #25: I Come From You with Christian CapozzoliParents. They’re supposed to be our rock, our paragons of sure-handed, stoic capability. Oh, but aren’t they all too human? Maybe no one ever […]
  43. A Funny Thing #24: Downtown Dinner Party with Sam DingmanJust how far will you go to get what you want? How high a price for fame, for love, will you deduct from your dignity to deposit on the […]
  44. A Funny Thing #23: To the Dogs with Mike GuildDo you like dogs? Before you answer, let Mike Guild tell you what he’s seen. While the rest of the world coos over and preens their puppies, […]
  45. A Funny Thing #22: Monkey Shines with Jim O’GradyOn this week’s A Funny Thing Jim O’Grady goes tete-a-tete with a clever little monkey. The prize? Romance! The complicating factor? Horror […]
  46. A Funny Thing #21: Code Brown with Andrea RosenPaper plates, salad bowls, the unwilling folds of a boyfriend’s testicles. What won’t our intrepid heroine squeeze her excreta into/onto? Not […]
  47. A Funny Thing #20: The Swing Set with Jenice MatiasThis week Jenice Matias, born of Spanish Harlem, raised on Father Knows Best, aspiring social climber, is led along the primrose path with […]
  48. A Funny Thing #19: If You Show Me Yours with Aileen ClarkAileen Clark is a woman of the world, but when the body images of the next generation are challenged by her own family will she step up and […]
  49. A Funny Thing #18: Step Five: UNKNOWN with Laura WillcoxScoliosis! Flat chests! The unknowable, occult mysteries of the nefariously inscrutable STEP NUMBER FIVE! What obstacles won’t the universe set […]
  50. A Funny Thing #17: I See You In a Cape with John FlynnJohn Flynn is off to see the wizard! But what will the wizard give him? A pretty hot pink cape, a believable sexual alibi, or perhaps the […]
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