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A Ghost Story

  1. vulture insiders
    Robert Redford’s The Old Man & The Gun Director Weighs In on His Final FilmDavid Lowery, director of The Old Man & The Gun, on creating a film about a larger-than-life figure — with some larger-than-life figures.
  2. What’s New on Amazon Prime: January 2018Wonderstruck, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, A Ghost Story, and more.
  3. exclusive
    A Ghost Story Has a Crazy Drunken Monologue That Will Actually Make You ThinkJust a little check in on “the seeming meaninglessness of everything when placed against the context of time.”
  4. movie review
    Movie Review: A Ghost Story Has a Ghost, But Maybe Not a StoryStill, even at its most self-conscious, there’s something lovable about A Ghost Story.
  5. interviews
    How A Ghost Story Almost Defeated Its Director“I was so convinced that it was too high-concept to succeed.”
  6. sundance 2017
    Rooney Mara Eats Pie, Steals SundanceIn A Ghost Story, the actress downs an entire pie in two long shots.