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A Hidden Life

  1. backstories
    Quail Hunting and Rabbit Holes: How Terrence Malick Made His Nazi EpicA Hidden Life tells the story of a conscientious objector to Hitler. If we didn’t know better, we’d say it’s the director’s most political film yet.
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    A Long Talk With James Newton Howard, Hollywood’s Most Versatile ComposerHe’s written music for Pretty WomanThe Sixth Sense, The Dark Knight, and more. After a long career, he can admit when he’s been a bit of a diva.
  3. movie review
    With A Hidden Life, Terrence Malick Takes on the Evils of HistoryIt’s based on the real story of Franz Jägerstätter, a devout Austrian farmer who refused to pledge loyalty to Hitler.
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    Terrence Malick Avoids War in A Hidden Life TrailerThe drama follows an Austrian farmer who refuses to fight for the Nazis.