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A Little Bit Of Heaven

  1. vulture lists
    18 Terminal Romance Movies RankedFrom Love Story to Sweet November to A Walk to Remember to The Fault in Our Stars, Hollywood can’t seem to quit making terminal romance movies.
  2. your box office explained
    The Avengers Shatters the Opening Weekend RecordThe Marvel superhero team-up earned just over $200 million.
  3. the star market
    The Star Market: Can Kate Hudson Escape the Rom-Com Curse?Outlook not so good.
  4. trailer mix
    Let’s Discuss Peter Dinklage in the Trailer for Kate Hudson’s Cancer RomcomThere’s a lot to talk about.
  5. trailer mix
    A Little Bit of Heaven Trailer: Oh, Look, It’s Kate Hudson’s Cancer Rom-ComYou’ve been eagerly anticipating that, right?