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A Little Late With Lilly Singh

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    A Little Late With Lilly Singh Is Coming to a Little EndSingh will move on to develop other projects at NBC.
  2. late night
    A Little Late With Lilly Singh Resets Its Writing StaffThe next season will be filmed in “a Los Angeles–based house.”
  3. renewals
    Lilly Singh’s Late-Night Show Renewed at NBCA second season is happening.
  4. on comedy
    Lilly Singh Reaches Her Late-Night Rite of Passage: Joke Apology!It involved turbans and Jessica Alba’s daughters.
  5. tv review
    A Little Late With Lilly Singh Is a Promising BeginningThe first week suggests that Singh is charismatic and original enough to pull this off.
  6. late night
    What It’s Like to Launch a Late-Night Show With Lilly SinghTalking A Little Late with head writer Sean O’Connor.
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    What to Expect From A Little Late With Lilly SinghShe’s not like other late-night hosts.
  8. the office
    Mindy Kaling Knows Exactly What Michael Scott Would Be Doing TodayWarning: extremely cursed imagery.
  9. advice
    Hasan Minhaj Tells Lilly Singh the Advice He Got from Jon Stewart“He would give me no notes. None!”
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    Here’s the Writing Staff of Lilly Singh’s NBC Late-Night ShowA Little Late With Lilly Singh debuts in September.
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    Here’s What Lilly Singh Is Bringing to NBCWhat will happen when the newest type of celebrity joins the oldest broadcast network?