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A Seat At The Table

  1. academic endeavors
    A Syllabus Is Being Curated Around Solange’s A Seat at the TableMelissa Harris-Perry is one of the curators.
  2. musicians wanted
    Here Is Your One and Probably Only Chance to Join Solange’s Touring BandRemarkable recording artist seeks bandmates for album tour.
  3. billboard charts
    Solange Gets First No. 1 Album, Tops Bon IverA Seat at the Table moved 72,000 units.
  4. behind the music
    Solange Shows the Making of A Seat at the TableThe footage shows Solange exploring sounds and themes for her new album.
  5. radio vulture
    Album Review: Solange’s A Seat at the TableSolange Knowles is an R&B historian as much as she is an artist.
  6. music videos
    Solange Knowles Dropped Two New Music Videos From A Seat at the TableWatch the videos for “Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Cranes in the Sky.”