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A Series Of Unfortunate Events

  1. the industry
    How TV Finally Got Its Own Blockbuster Special EffectsIn recent years, groundbreaking VFX work has transformed the TV landscape. But it’s not easy making monsters and dragons like ones on the big screen.
  2. vulture lists
    What’s New on Netflix: March 2018Martin Scorsese’s Casino, a documentary about the Flint water crisis, and much more.
  3. casting couch
    Who Will Nathan Fillion Play in Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events?No unfortunate casting news here.
  4. vulture festival 2017
    Neil Patrick Harris’s ‘Gnarly’ Series of Unfortunate Events NailsHe also teased the new disguises his character will wear in the second season.
  5. count olaf
    Neil Patrick Harris Celebrates More Unfortunate Events With First TattooNPH celebrated the show’s second-season renewal with Count Olaf–inspired ink.
  6. As Count Olaf, Neil Patrick Harris Is a Wonderfully Bad ActorHarris is hammy, obvious, and a little annoying. It ends up being the right choice.
  7. What the Stars of Lemony Snicket Are ReadingThe cast of Netflix’s adaptation reveal the books on their nightstands.
  8. chat room
    Patrick Warburton on Lemony, The Tick Remake“Supermans get replaced. Batmans get replaced. Even the Tick.”
  9. backstories
    How Lemony Snicket Was Adapted for Netflix“A remake of something can be better than the original.”
  10. chat room
    Daniel Handler on Netflix’s Unfortunate Events“I think the large confounding questions of childhood never vanish in adulthood.”
  11. tv review
    Lemony Snicket Is Still Unfortunate, and That’s a Good ThingThe Netflix series is a faithful, darkly fun adapation of the books about the Baudelaires.
  12. trailer mix
    See the New Series of Unfortunate Events TrailerWhat a weird marketing strategy.
  13. trailer mix
    See a Teaser for A Series of Unfortunate EventsComing to Netflix in January.
  14. wait for it
    Check Out Neil Patrick Harris As Count OlafWho does his brows?!
  15. Patrick Warburton Joins Unfortunate EventsFortunate casting news.
  16. the charismatic casting
    NPH to Star in Netflix’s Unfortunate EventsFollowing in the footsteps of Jim Carrey.
  17. trailer mix
    Here’s the Series of Unfortunate Events TeaserI spy a Count Olaf! Help.
  18. tv
    Netflix Wants to Remake A Series of Unfortunate EventsThe Unanticipated Announcement.