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A Song Of Ice And Fire

  1. What Game of Thrones Season 7 Tells Us About George R.R. Martin’s Next BookEuron Greyjoy will be a very different villain in The Winds of Winter.
  2. 5 Obscure Historical References You Might Have Missed in Game of Thrones▶️ Yes, there really was a real-life Red Wedding.
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    George R. R. Martin Says We Will Definitely, Probably Get a New Book in 2018Maybe even two!
  4. These Minor Game of Thrones Characters Deserve Their Own Spinoff▶️ “You cannot give up on the gravy. No gravy, no pie. Simple as that.”
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    We’re Getting at Least One New George R.R. Martin Story in 2017He’ll contribute material to a new anthology Book of Swords.
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    Take Our Game of Thrones Quiz and Win a Song of Ice and Fire Box SetM’athchomaroon, Game of Thrones superfans!
  7. Behold! George R.R. Martin Says His Wild Cards Series Will Be a TV ShowGreat news! Now, get back to writing A Song of Ice and Fire.
  8. Why It’s a Misconception That Game of Thrones Has Gone ‘Off-Book’There’s still a lot of source material left to mine.
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    10 Times George R.R. Martin Described Food More Erotically Than SexAs a series based on novels, Game of Thrones’ most egregious misstep is that it deprives the audience of George R.R. Martin’s sensuous food scenes.
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    Thrones Fans Should Read Queen of the TearlingErika Johansen’s debut has many similarities to George R.R. Martin’s book series and other popular fantasy novels.
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    6 Ways Hild Is the New Game of ThronesThe young female protagonist reminds us of Arya … and Bran, and Tyrion, and others.
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    Check Out Game of Thrones, Edward Gorey–StyleContains spoilers. Adorable, goth-y, cartoonish spoilers.
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    George R.R. Martin Compares Game of Thrones to the NFLThe Patriots are the Lannisters. Burn!
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    Game of Thrones’ Kid-Actor ProblemThe books only cover three years. So what happens when Arya’s suddenly 17?
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    Game of Thrones Returns April 1Does this mean we now have to say “spring is coming”?
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    George R.R. Martin on His Favorite Game of Thrones Actors, and the Butterfly Effect of TV Adaptations“Dragons are the nuclear deterrent, and only Dany has them.”
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    The Vulture Book Recap: Reading A Dance With Dragons Together, Part SixHere there be spoilers.