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  1. Pamela Adlon Looks Back on Louis C.K.’s TV Marriage Proposal“I remember Louie called me from a comedy club in Peoria, Illinois, and he said, ‘Please don’t do that other show. You have to play my wife on […]
  2. Relive the 1993 Efforts of Sandler, Leary, Foxworthy, and The Jerky Boys“The comedy album lives, and all it took was a bunch of rednecks, assholes, jerks, and buffoons to save it.” - As part of The A.V. Club’s 1993 […]
  3. The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: A.V. Club Editor Keith PhippsThis week on The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show, Jeff’s guest is A.V Clubs editor Keith Phipps. They talk about what it’s like to be a professional […]
  4. Take a Stroll Around ‘Rushmore’s’ CampusHouston: The Rushmore School  Wes Anderson’s sets tend to look real but not. They’re as if the universe was meticulously put together by a […]
  5. Walk Through ‘30 Rock’ with Showrunner Robert CarlockA.V. Club is giving 30 Rock the episode-by-episode interview treatment. Today, showrunner Robert Carlock walks through pivotal episodes […]
  6. Michael Ian Black Solves Everyone’s ‘Friend’s’ Relationship ProblemsDear Michael Ian Black, I have been in a relationship with my current computer for about nine months, and the spark is starting to go out of […]
  7. Patton Oswalt Calls On A Fan For Pie And A Reading This is pretty fantastic. The AV Club sent Patton Oswalt to the home of a reader in Chicago for pie and a reading from Zombie Spaceship […]
  8. Rob Corddry Talks About Joke-Writing and Clown Make-up on Childrens […]Rob Corddry is walking the AV Club through the third season of Childrens Hospital. In the first installment, he talks about the benefits of […]
  9. Louis C.K. Discusses the Challenges of Televised BeheadingStop everything you are doing including breathing and read the first installment of Louis C.K.’s walk-through of the second season of Louie. I […]
  10. Patton Oswalt Love-Hates New YorkThere is a lot of beautiful stuff packed into Genevieve Koski’s Patton Oswalt interview at the A.V. Club, including Patton’s complete and utter […]
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    Academy Needs New A.V. ClubRecent ‘Benjamin Button’ screenings made everyone look greenish and un-Oscarable.