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  1. A Comedian Is Suing UCB for ‘Reverse Gender Discrimination’ After Getting […]Back in August 2016, New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade theaters banned a comedian after multiple women came forward with rape allegations […]
  2. ‘Little Tron Girl": Much More Adorable Than Creepily Young Jeff Bridges New from Aaron Glaser is “Little Tron Girl,” which looks to not have quite the budget of Tron Legacy but may have a better script. In any […]
  3. Your Recipe For a Traditional Quaaludes and Pumpkin Pie New from Aaron Glaser and 30 Rock’s Sue Galloway is this lovely recipe for quaaludes and pumpkin pie. Just in time for Thanksgiving! If you […]
  4. Vote Fascist for Mayor of IndianapolisHere’s the followup video to last week’s Anarchist for Mayor, from Aaron Glaser. This time, it’s a fascist running for Indianapolis’ highest […]
  5. Vote Sandra Larson, Anarchist for Mayor Here’s a new video from Aaron Glaser starring 30 Rock’s Sue Galloway featuring an anarchist running for mayor. It’s amazing how little you […]