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  1. awards season
    AARP’s Movies-for-Grown-ups Nominations Are As Frustrating As Adulthood ItselfBut trying to understand them just builds character.
  2. adulting
    AARP Gives Top Honor to LovingLoving won the top spot in AARP the Magazine’s 16th annual Movies for Grownups Awards.
  3. sully
    Nation’s Dads Make One Last Plea for You to Go See Sully With ThemThe movie made the AARP’s short list.
  4. sad things
    Linda Ronstadt Says She Can’t Sing AnymoreBecause of Parkinson’s disease.
  5. lists
    Les Moonves Attractive to AARP SetSexually attractive! Not just programming attractive.
  6. apropos of nothing
    Aretha Franklin Splits With Record Label, Signs With AARP?Aretha Franklin has reportedly dumped her record label and will release her next album, somehow, through AARP.