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Abbott Elementary

  1. best of 2022
    The Best TV of the Year (So Far)A freshman series firing on all cylinders, auteurist comedies returning in peak form, and a highly original thriller are among 2022’s best offerings.
  2. very special episodes
    Stop Asking for a School-Shooting Episode of Abbott ElementaryJust watch the Glee episode instead.
  3. beloved
    Quinta Brunson’s Mom Didn’t Understand Her Job Until Abbott Elementary“I showed [my mom] a BuzzFeed video and she was like, ‘What is this?’”
  4. inventing abbott
    Abbott Elementary Is the New Model for Network-Sitcom SuccessQuinta Brunson tailored her breakout show for the widest possible audience. It might change the way we stream comedies, too.
  5. chat room
    Abbott Elementary’s Chris Perfetti Would Kick Jacob’s Ass at PokerThe sitcom newcomer did all his own “Desking” stunts too.
  6. chat room
    Abbott Elementary’s Tyler James Williams Is Team Tariq“Gregory may have an issue with him; I personally think he’s a joy.”
  7. chat room
    Like Abbott Elementary’s Melissa, Lisa Ann Walter Has a Guy for EverythingThe sitcom vet talks through her career turns, slogging through the sexist comedy world, and the joys of being The Parent Trap’s Chessy.
  8. the other ava
    A Plea to Abbott Elementary: Let Ava Stay TerribleJanelle James’s scene-stealing principal gives the breakout comedy a hard edge that doesn’t need to be softened.
  9. profile
    Quinta Brunson Made Network TV Cool AgainShe got famous through her memes. Now she has created the most charming show of the winter, Abbott Elementary.
  10. sitcoms
    It’s the Perfect Time for Abbott ElementaryTeachers need to feel seen right now, and this very funny workplace comedy has its eyes wide open.
  11. tv
    ABC Orders Quinta Brunson Comedy, Brandy’s Queens, and Wonder Years to SeriesSo that’s where all the comedies are headed.