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  1. pilot season
    Adam Pally & Abby Elliott Join Dan Levy’s UninsuredThe pilot will be produced by The Goldbergs’ Doug Robinson and Alison Greenspan.
  2. interview
    Bridey and Abby Elliott Made a Movie in Their Family’s Haunted HouseThe sisters talk Clara’s Ghost, an off-kilter horror-comedy loosely based on their real lives — and starring the entire Elliott family.
  3. pilots
    Comedy Central Orders Reductress Hour Late-night Pilot Hosted by Abby ElliottReady for an Abby Elliott/Reductress late-night talk show?
  4. Saturday Night’s Children: Abby Elliott (2008-2012)Saturday Night Live has been home to over a hundred cast members throughout the past 37 years. In our column Saturday Night’s Children, we […]
  5. Chris, Abby, and Bridey Elliott Are Doing a Live Show TogetherLiving comedy legend Chris Elliott and his talented daughters Abby (from SNL) and Bridey Elliott (from Twitter) will be appearing together […]
  6. Abby Elliott Finds Her First Post-’SNL’ PartOnly two weeks after officially leaving SNL, Abby Elliott has already lined up an arc on How I Met Your Mother. She will play a quirky girl […]
  7. departures
    Abby Elliott Out at SNLFarewell, “Zooey Deschanel Show.”
  8. Abby Elliott Is Not Returning to ‘SNL’Abby Elliott has confirmed that she’s leaving Saturday Night Live after four seasons. It’s a surprising move; while it’s known that Kristen […]
  9. Chris Elliott and Abby Elliott Gallivant Adorably Around Brooklyn“I think the thing with my dad and me, which is a little different than Abby, is that if you didn’t like Bob and Ray you really didn’t like […]
  10. New Web Series Pits Abby Elliott Against Abby Elliott I know those names look similar but one is actually pronounced with a silent accent over the second b. Which one? I’m not totally sure. This […]
  11. So Abby Elliott’s Not Leaving SNL This Year After AllVery suspicious news is in the air. Abby Elliott has left the pilot cast for Ben Fox Is My Manny after “it was determined that she wasn’t the […]
  12. casting couch
    SNL’s Abby Elliott Lands Fox Comedy PilotIt’s called, um, Ben Fox Is My Manny.
  13. Abby Elliott Could Be Leaving SNL After This SeasonAbby Elliott has signed on to star in the Fox pilot Ben Fox Is My Manny, as a single mom whose brother moves in to serve as, yep, a manny. […]
  14. How Will SNL Handle Whitney Houston’s Death?As music lovers reel from the news of Whitney Houston’s tragic death at 48, SNL has inherited its own sticky situation: next Saturday’s host is […]
  15. New Trailer Suggests That High Road May Be the Best Improvised Comedy of […] Here’s the latest trailer for Matt Walsh’s improvised UCB movie High Road, featuring Ed Helms, Rob Riggle, Horatio Sanz, Kyle Gass, Abby […]
  16. SNL’s Abby Elliott and Sarah Schneider Team Up for ‘Balls! The Music Video’ SNL’s Abby Elliott and Sarah Schneider teamed up over their hiatus to write and star in this new CollegeHumor video: Balls! The Music Video. […]
  17. late night
    Fallon Goes Glee with the Parks and Rec CastHow did the world live without the insult “jazzhole” until now?
  18. unsolved mysteries
    What Role Did Nepotism Play in Launching the Careers of Chris and Abby Elliott?Sadly, ‘The New York Times Magazine’ didn’t address this issue in their 4,700-word profile on them this weekend.
  19. quote machine
    Nick Jonas Thankful All Nose-Picking Was Edited Out of His 3-D MoviePlus: Abby Elliott on getting ahead at ‘SNL.’
  20. snl
    And We Will All Go Down Together: The SNL Season 34 FinaleClassic!
  21. charts
    SNL Season 34: By the NumbersWe know how much you love charts!
  22. vulture lists
    10 Top SNL Sketches From Season 34From Sarah Palin impressions to people jizzing in their pants, the most memorable moments from a seminal season.
  23. hires
    ‘SNL’ Adds Two New Women!’SNL’ just doubled its number of female cast members with the hires of comediennes Michaela Watkins and Abby Elliott.