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  1. politics
    Hillary Clinton’s Twitter Bio Won’t Start With ‘Wife’ AnymoreAt the PEN America World Voices Festival, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie asked HRC about her Twitter bio.
  2. about last night...
    The Winners and Losers of Shondaland’s Midseason FinalesGrey’s Anatomy got good again.
  3. about last night...
    UnREAL and the Pressures of a Sophomore SeasonUgh, send Jeremy and Chet away forever.
  4. about last night...
    The Americans Certainly Broke New Ground With Last Night’s Sex ScenePretty sure that was a basic cable first.
  5. weekend box office
    The Lego Movie Crushed Its Valentine’s Day CompetitionNewcomers didn’t fare so well this weekend.
  6. remakes
    Remakes Keep Flopping, But Here Are 4 Reasons Why Hollywood Still Makes ThemThey know you’ll pay more attention.
  7. movie review
    Ebiri on About Last Night: Laughter Is the Quickest Way to the HeartStarring Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Joy Bryant, and Regina King.
  8. flashbacks
    A Look Back at the Original About Last NightStarring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore. Remember that?
  9. chat room
    Kevin Hart on About Last Night, Becoming a Star“I think the message has already been sent to Hollywood, which is that this kid’s a hard worker.”
  10. about last night...
    Watch The Good Wife’s Silly Music VideoEverybody dance now.
  11. about last night...
    See Mad Men’s Ben Feldman Sing Katy PerryOn last night’s Mindy Project.
  12. about last night...
    See a GIF of Howard And Raj Embracing Man Boobs on The Big Bang TheoryIt must be jelly, ‘cause jam don’t shake like that.
  13. trailer park
    About Last Night Remake Trailer: Kevin Hart Is a Modern-Day Jim BelushiKevin Hart instead of Jim Belushi: upgrade?
  14. Kevin Hart is the Next Jim BelushiWhen you look just like Jim Belushi, like Kevin Hart does, it’s hard to avoid following in his hallowed foot steps. (And hollowed footsteps – […]
  15. casting couch
    Kevin Hart Cast in About Last Night RemakeIn the Jim Belushi role.