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  1. Emily Heller Gives Tim Meadows a Psychic Object ReadingHere’s the newest installment of Above Average’s web series The Future with comedian and celebrity psychic Emily Heller, now back to read into […]
  2. Jay Pharoah Raps About the Truth Behind Bitches, Weed, and MoneyHere’s a new video from Above Average starring SNL’s Jay Pharoah, who tackles rap’s three biggest subjects while also confessing his own ugly […]
  3. Above Average and UCB Comedy Are Partnering UpWeb video makers Above Average and UCB Comedy are teaming up. Above Average announced today that UCB Comedy is becoming an official partner of […]
  4. Tim Robinson Helps Mike O’Brien Find a Hot Date Outfit in ‘Chicago Rats’In this third and final episode of Above Average’s sketch web series Chicago Rats, Tim Robinson goes out to a fancy clothing store with Mike […]
  5. Watch Mike O’Brien and Tim Robinson Star in the Most Reluctant Porn EverHere’s the second episode of Above Average’s sketch web series Chicago Rats, in which Conner O’Malley plays a different kind of porn director […]
  6. Mike O’Brien Makes Tim Robinson Go Insane in ‘Chicago Rats’Here’s the first of three episodes of Above Average’s new sketch web series Chicago Rats, where Mike O’Brien slowly drives Tim Robinson to […]
  7. Bob Balaban Stars in Above Average’s New Series, ‘Approach the Bench’ Above Average, the YouTube channel of Lorne Michaels’s production company Broadway Video, just debuted another new web series. Called Approach […]
  8. Here’s a Look at Three Web Series Premiering on Above Average Next WeekHere’s the trailer for the second season of Commentary On, an Above Average web series full of mental TMI from Jared Lapidus and James McCarthy […]
  9. Watch Above Average’s New Backstage ‘SNL’ Series ‘Saturday Night Line’ Over the weekend, Above Average debuted the first two episodes of their newest web series Saturday Night Line, in which SNL cast members […]
  10. ‘SNL’s Sasheer Zamata Will Take You on a ‘Girls’ Tour of Brooklyn Newest SNL cast member Sasheer Zamata stars in the latest web video from Above Average, the digital wing of Lorne Michaels’s company Above […]
  11. Above Average Launches Two New Shows Above Average, the YouTube channel of Lorne Michaels’s company Broadway Video, just debuted two new web series this week. The first (above) is […]
  12. Learn All About Sustainable Kidnapping in This New ‘Thingstarter’ Video Above Average is rolling out new web series episodes this week, and today they dropped the fourth installment of The Bilderbergers’ […]
  13. Watch Three New Trailers for Above Average’s 2014 Series Lineup Above Average released trailers for two new and one returning web series today. First is a pickup of Two Trick Pony’s “Charles, Your Hangover” […]
  14. Watch the First Two Episodes of ‘Hudson Valley Ballers’ Above Average released the first two episodes of the new web series “Hudson Valley Ballers” today, and they are as hilarious as expected (and […]
  15. ‘SNL’ Writers Paula Pell and James Anderson Wrote a New Web Series […] Here’s a trailer for “Hudson Valley Ballers,” a new web series by longtime SNL writers Paula Pell and James Anderson costarring Kate McKinnon […]
  16. Left Handed Radio and Above Average Present PodToons! Splitsider Podcast Network podcast Left Handed Radio has a new cartoon webshow called PodToons, produced by Above Average Productions. […]
  17. Watch Kate McKinnon and Zachary Levi in a Fake Rom-Com Trailer from Above […] Here’s a trailer for a fake romantic comedy called Falling Down from Lorne Michaels’s company Broadway Video’s YouTube channel Above Average. […]
  18. Jonathan Ames Shows Us the Time He Boxed a Stranger in a Hotel Room As part of Chioke Nassor’s new Storytime series, Jonathan Ames reenacts the time he purposefully got in a boxing match with a stranger in a […]
  19. Aparna Nancherla Has a Great New York Story Here’s the first episode of director Chioke Nassor’s web series Storytime for Above Average. In the first installment, standup and Totally […]
  20. Check Out the Trailer Above Average’s New Web Series ‘Storytime’ The clever folks at Above Average have posted the trailer for their new web series, Chioke Nassor’s Storytime, which features comedians […]
  21. Watch the Final Episode of the Web Series ‘Rejected Pitches’ Here’s the final episode of Rejected Pitches, which began as an independent web series in April of 2012 before being snapped up by Lorne […]
  22. Watch Jay Pharoah’s Kanye West Parody ‘I Am a Dog’ Here’s “I Am a Dog,” a new parody of Kanye West’s “I Am A God” written by and starring SNL’s Jay Pharoah and released via Lorne Michaels’s […]
  23. Watch Comedian Emily Heller Give Janeane Garofalo a Psychic Reading Here’s the latest episode of The Future, standup Emily Heller’s web series for Lorne Michaels’s company’s YouTube channel Above Average. Each […]
  24. This Sketch Video Seemed Absurd Until People Did the Same Thing in Real […] Here’s a sketch that NYC comedy group The Bilderbergers made for Lorne Michaels’s company’s YouTube channel, Above Average, about a pair of […]
  25. Bobby Moynihan’s Web Series ‘The Sidecar’ Returns Last fall, Bobby Moynihan created and starred in The Sidecar, a new web series for Lorne Michaels’s Above Average Network, about a bar where a […]
  26. Watch Jason Sudeikis in ‘Magic Eye Shark Movie’ Jason Sudeikis guest stars as a pot-smoking, explosion-loving screenwriter in the latest episode of Magic Eye Shark Movie, a web series from […]
  27. Above Average Network Debuts New Web Series ‘I Expect You to Die’ […] Here’s the first episode of I Expect You to Die, a new web series from New York-based sketch group Captain Hippo, produced for Above Average, […]
  28. Watch Above Average’s New Web Series ‘The Trunk,’ Narrated by Jason […] Here’s the debut episode of the Above Average Network’s brand new web series The Trunk. The show is created by and stars Cory Cavin, Bill […]
  29. Watch Above Average’s New Web Series ‘The Lineup’ Featuring John Hodgman Here’s the first episode of a brand new web series that NYC-based sketch comedy group Elephant Larry made for the Above Average Network, the […]
  30. Watch John Mulaney Get a Tarot Card Reading This is the latest episode of The Future, a new web series from Lorne Michaels’s company’s YouTube channel Above Average. Each week on The […]
  31. Watch Above Average’s New Web Series ‘The Future with Emily Heller’ and […] Above Average, the YouTube channel from Lorne Michaels’s company Broadway Video, just debuted a new web series today. It’s called The Future […]
  32. Watch a New Sketch BriTANicK Made for the Above Average Network Last year, Above Average began partnering with internet sketch groups to commission new videos, and here’s the first Above Average video from […]
  33. Sugarboy Tributes Steven Spielberg Here’s the latest episode from Above Average’s web series Sugarboy, in which a boy who ate a lot of sugar tells a different story every week. […]
  34. ‘SNL’s Kate McKinnon and Eliot Glazer Demonstrate Their Powerwalking […] Here’s SNL’s Kate McKinnon as the guest on the second episode of Eliot Glazer’s new Above Average Network sketch comedy web series Eliot’s […]
  35. Above Average Launches a New Sketch Series Starring Eliot Glazer Here’s the first episode of a new sketch series from the Above Average Network called Eliot’s Sketchpad and starring comedian Eliot Glazer, […]
  36. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Sugarboy’Raw, unbridled creativity may be the stuff of pure genius, but it’s rarely what we see on screen. Somewhere in between a creator’s hatching a […]
  37. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Waco Valley’“Just let it happen. The best things come when you just let it happen.” It’s something many ultra-creative people say as they sip their beers […]
  38. Above Average Debuts Its First Animated Series, Which Is about a News […] Here’s the first episode of Waco Valley, the first-ever animated series from Broadway Video’s web label Above Average. Created by Ben Warheit […]
  39. New Above Average Web Series Launched this Week Yep. It is great. Belle & Bernice: Livin’ in the City was one of the three new series that launch this week on the Above Average YouTube […]
  40. Rachel Dratch Tries to Be Cool; Makes Out with Pizza I don’t know what these young women are thinking, Rachel Dratch is plenty cool. She gives up sandwiches, she does hilarious bits with […]
  41. New Web Series Pits Abby Elliott Against Abby Elliott I know those names look similar but one is actually pronounced with a silent accent over the second b. Which one? I’m not totally sure. This […]
  42. the front desk
    Watch Bill Hader in John Lutz’s Web Series, The Front DeskWhatever Hader does with his voice is just … gah, we’re just so onboard with it!
  43. Lutz Tries to Accommodate the Hotel Needs of Three or Four or Five Bill […] There is something inherently sad about this video. Here are three four five four brothers who are genetically identical yet still they can’t […]
  44. Broadway Video’s YouTube Channel Is Above Average No, like it is Above Average; that’s its name. Though, from the looks of this video it probably will be well above average also. Broadway […]