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  1. the law
    Chet Hanks’s Ex-Girlfriend Sues Him for $1 Million, Alleges AssaultShe claims he called her a “Black b*tch.”
  2. the industry
    21 Notorious Scott Rudin StoriesWith tales from as early as 1995.
  3. the industry
    Scott Rudin Accused of Physically Abusing His Staff With Computers and PotatoesAmong the allegations, Rudin “smashed an Apple computer monitor” on an assistant’s hand.
  4. crime
    Alabama Shakes Drummer Steve Johnson Arrested on Child-Abuse ChargesJohnson was previously arrested for “violating a protection from abuse order” in 2019.
  5. abuse
    Bhad Bhabie Details ‘Abuse’ at Utah Ranch Where Dr. Phil Sends Teens“I was so scared to speak out, because I was like, no one’s going to believe me. A lot of things that happened to me there, it hurt me so bad.”
  6. the law
    Armie Hammer Accused of Rape by Former PartnerThe Los Angeles Police Department is investigating Hammer for sex crimes.
  7. crime
    Marilyn Manson Abuse Allegations Under Investigation in L.A.The County Sheriff’s Department is investigating alleged domestic-violence incidents between 2009 and 2011.
  8. crime
    Esmé Bianco Says Marilyn Manson Whipped, Scarred Her on Video SetAnd that he was violent and controlling during their relationship for years after.
  9. buffy
    Charisma Carpenter Accuses Joss Whedon of Creating a Toxic Work EnvironmentShe came forward in solidarity with Ray Fisher, who accused Whedon of “abusive behavior” on Justice League.
  10. abuse
    Marilyn Manson Dropped From American Gods Amid Abuse AllegationsAnd talent agency CAA confirmed they will no longer represent him.
  11. the industry
    Marilyn Manson Dropped From Label After New Abuse AllegationsThe singer’s forthcoming appearances on American Gods and Creepshow have also been axed.
  12. the law
    Ariel Pink Accused of Physical and Sexual Abuse in Court FilingsHis attempt for a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend and former bandmate was denied the same day Pink attended the January 6 Trump rally.
  13. lawsuits
    FKA Twigs Sues Ex-Boyfriend Shia LaBeouf, Claiming ‘Relentless Abuse’“I don’t think people would ever think that it would happen to me,” she said. “But I think that’s the thing. It can happen to anybody.”
  14. allegations
    Drake Bell’s Ex-Girlfriend Melissa Lingafelt Accuses Him of Physical AbuseSeveral more women have come forward.
  15. the industry
    MacGyver Star Lucas Till Says Showrunner’s Abusive Behavior Made Him ‘Suicidal’He also alleges that Peter Lenkov often berated his appearance and called him a “little fucking boy.”
  16. the law
    Danny Masterson, Scientologists Accused of Poisoning Mars Volta Singer’s DogThe poisoning may have been retaliation against recent rape allegations.
  17. #metoo
    R. Kelly’s Girlfriend Turns Against Him: ‘I’m a Victim’However, the Patreon page belonging to Joycelyn Savage has now been deleted, due to the website being unable to verify her identity.
  18. abuse
    Jenny Lewis Talks ‘F*cked-up’ Ryan Adams Allegations“I hate that he’s on this album, but you can’t rewrite how things went.”
  19. r kelly
    R. Kelly Accusers Say Gayle King Interview Reminded Them of His Abusive RageJoycelyn Savage’s parents have also responded to the interview, saying Kelly should “rot in jail.”
  20. reactions
    Ryan Adams’s Collaborators Speak Out After Abuse AllegationsJenny Lewis, Liz Phair, Phoebe Bridgers, Karen Elson, and more have all shared powerful statements.
  21. abuse
    Mandy Moore Says Ryan Adams’s ‘Unhealthy’ Dependency Halted Her Career“I couldn’t do my job.”
  22. abuse
    R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Thought She Was ‘Gonna Die’ From His AbuseAndrea Kelly says she’s telling her story now because “it’s about saving lives.”
  23. abuse
    Amber Heard’s Team Pushes Back on Johnny Depp Interview Disputing Alleged Abuse“If GQ had done even a basic investigation into Mr. Depp’s claims, it would have quickly realized that his statements are entirely untrue.”
  24. NCIS Star Pauley Perrette Tweets About ‘Multiple Physical Assaults’CBS responded to the tweets with a statement about the studio’s commitment to maintaining a safe work environment.
  25. abuse
    Rose McGowan Slams Justin Timberlake for Doing Woody Allen MovieShe calls his support of Time’s Up “fake.”
  26. Mean Girls’ Daniel Franzese Accuses Actress Bijou Phillips of Homophobia, Abuse“She body shamed me and ridiculed me about my sexuality and physically assaulted me. I was scared and closeted and feared for my job.”
  27. prostitution
    Pussycat Dolls: Former Member’s ‘Prostitution Ring’ Claim Is FalseKaya Jones says group members were forced to have sex and use drugs.
  28. ask an expert
    R. Kelly’s Latest Legal Trouble, ExplainedWith Kelly accused of running a “sex cult,” he could be headed for another legal battle.
  29. abuse
    Alleged R. Kelly Captive Says Her Dad Arranged Her Relationship With KellyJoycelyn Savage, 21, says her father knew that she would move in with R. Kelly.
  30. abuse
    Woman Allegedly Held Against Her Will by R. Kelly Denies Claims“I just want everybody to know, my parents and everybody in the world, that I’m totally fine,” Joycelyn Savage told TMZ.
  31. abuse
    R. Kelly Accused of Holding Multiple Women ‘Prisoner’ in an Abusive ‘Cult’Two families say they have not seen their daughters in months to over a year; Kelly denies the allegations.
  32. restraining orders
    Blac Chyna Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Rob KardashianKardashian will not contest the order.
  33. #freekesha
    Kesha Releases Emails in Which Dr. Luke Allegedly Criticizes Her Weight“A-list songwriters and producers are reluctant to give Kesha their songs because of her weight,” Dr. Luke allegedly told Kesha’s manager.
  34. lawsuits
    Amber Heard Is Suing Doug Stanhope for Claiming She’s Blackmailing Johnny DeppFor statements made in his essay “Johnny Depp Is Being Blackmailed by Amber Heard — Here’s How I Know.”
  35. johnny depp and amber heard
    Amber Heard’s Lawyers Speak Out Against Depp“Amber is simply a victim of domestic violence, and none of her actions are motivated by money.”
  36. Amber Heard Details Johnny Depp’s AbuseDepp’s attorney counters that she’s “alleging abuse” for spousal support.
  37. Report: Amber Heard Made Earlier Domestic Abuse Claim Against Johnny DeppOn May 21.
  38. child abuse
    Corey Feldman on Hollywood Child Abuse: ‘They Were Passing Us Back and Forth’The former child actor says he “would love to name names” but can’t, for legal reasons.
  39. #freekesha
    Kesha’s Abuse Claims Against Dr. Luke Thrown Out“Every rape is not a gender-motivated hate crime.”
  40. Richard Simmons Denies Being Held Hostage“People should just sort of believe what I have to say.”
  41. #freekesha
    Lady Gaga Cautions People Not to Victim-Shame Kesha“No one needs to validate Kesha.”
  42. comedy
    How Female Comedians Fight Assault & HarassmentL.A.’s “Evil Misandrist Comedy Witches” are banding together to share their stories.
  43. sexual abuse
    Beth Stelling’s Ex Responds to Abuse Allegations As Another Woman Comes Forward“My career and life do not deserve to be taken away without some basic level of due process just because of an allegation on the Internet.”
  44. abuse
    Comic Beth Stelling Talks of Rape on Instagram“After being verbally, physically abused and raped, I dated him for two more months.”
  45. star wars
    Female Fox News Contributor Gets Death Threats for Mocking Star WarsKatherine Timpf called Star Wars fans “space nerds.”
  46. get well get well soon we want you to get well
    Amanda Bynes Involuntarily Placed in Psychiatric CareSad times. 
  47. child abuse
    Amanda Bynes Recants Abuse Claim, Blames ‘Microchip in My Brain’ [Updated]On Twitter.
  48. Stephen Collins’s Wife Denies Leaking Molestation RecordingMore details about the accusations have odd echoes in the actor’s past work.
  49. A Funny Thing: Julia Wiedeman On Abuse and Not LaughingOur story this week: something a little different. For a year now, we’ve been bringing you stories that we thought were funny, many of which […]