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  1. reality check
    Hannah on Girls Could Not Have Gotten That JobThe show has always had a fraught relationship with realism.
  2. academia
    Matthew McConaughey to ‘Teach’ College ClassMcConaughey and Gary Ross are partnering for a class at the University of Texas at Austin.
  3. Why Academics Love Stephen Colbert tooThe Washington Post to a look into academia’s obsession with Stephen Colbert. The article is framed negatively, so ignore that and just check […]
  4. Recent Advancements and Revelations in the Academic Study of ComedyResearchers worldwide have been conducting many critical studies on the science of comedy this past year, giving hope to all that a cure for […]
  5. academia
    Princeton Professor Dissects Ke$ha’s Shakespeare ReferencesThe lyric “Oh oh, oh oh” is clearly a nod to King Lear’s line “No, no, no, no!”
  6. academia
    Todd Phillips’s Guest Lecture on Insurance Fraud Condemned by NYUSee the strongly worded letter!
  7. apropos of nothing
    ‘The Sopranos’: The Academic SymposiumPresentations include “Comfortably Numb? The Sopranos, New Brutalism and the Last Temptation of Chris.”