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  1. golden globes 2020
    Stellan Skarsgård Knows He Owes His Golden Globe to His Chernobyl EyebrowsDaniel Parker in makeup, this one’s for you.
  2. acceptance speeches
    Olivia Colman Gave a Very Good Acceptance Speech at the BAFTAs Sunday Night“This is for all three of us … It’s got my name on it, but we can scratch in some other names.”
  3. party report
    Ethan Hawke Warns Against ‘Tribal Thinking’ in Rousing Gotham Awards Speech“We have to do our work.”
  4. glaad media awards
    Samira Wiley Addresses Queer Youth in GLAAD Speech: ‘Visibility Is Essential’“My wife Lauren and I consider our own visibility to be a great privilege.”
  5. golden globes 2018
    Here’s What Tommy Wiseau Wanted to Say on the Golden Globes StageSome wise words.
  6. golden globes 2018
    Elisabeth Moss Quotes Margaret Atwood in Her Golden Globes Speech“We no longer live in the gaps between the stories.”
  7. Tiffany Haddish Deserves an Award for the Acceptance Speech She Gave Last NightHere are the 12 best parts of her incredible speech at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards.
  8. acceptance speeches
    Cate Blanchett Says Looking Sexy Doesn’t ‘Mean We Want to F*ck You’She also had some shade for Steve Bannon.
  9. emmys 2017
    Sterling K. Brown Also Noticed Nicole Kidman’s Speech Was a Lot Longer Than His“Not everybody can be pretty Australian white women who have won Oscars in the past.”
  10. emmys 2017
    Elisabeth Moss Finally Won an Emmy and Thanked Her ‘F*cking Badass’ MomAfter eight nominations.
  11. acceptance speeches
    Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman Support Each Other During Emmys SpeechWomen supporting women!
  12. acceptance speeches
    Watch Ann Dowd, Whom We Love So, Cry During Her Emmy Acceptance SpeechMargo Martindale was right!
  13. acceptance speeches
    Why Pink’s Speech Was the Highlight of the VMAsShe had some wise words for her daughter.
  14. acceptance speeches
    Jeff Bridges Dedicates NBR Win to Standing RockBridges thanked the protesters for looking out “for all of our interests.”
  15. acceptance speeches
    Read Barry Jenkins’s Milestone NBR Acceptance“There were certain people who just weren’t considered. For so long, they were never considered.”
  16. grammys 2016
    Watch Kendrick Lamar Win Best Rap Album at the 2016 GrammysRedemption, ya bish.
  17. golden globes 2016
    Watch Sylvester Stallone’s Golden Globes Speech“I want to thank my imaginary friend Rocky Balboa for being the best friend I ever had.”
  18. golden globes 2016
    Watch Rachel Bloom’s Golden Globes Speech“We got six rejections in one day.”
  19. acceptance speeches
    Jon Hamm Finally Got to Give That Emmys Acceptance SpeechAfter 16 nominations!
  20. acceptance speeches
    Watch Viola Davis’s History-Making Emmys Acceptance Speech“The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity.”
  21. acceptance speeches
    Watch Uzo Aduba’s Emmys Acceptance SpeechEveryone knows your name now.
  22. emmy 2015
    Jeffrey Tambor’s Emmys Acceptance Speech Will Make You Reach for the Tissues“I’ve been given the opportunity to act because people’s lives depend on it.”
  23. thank god
    Steven Spielberg Has Been Thanked More Than God in Oscar Acceptance SpeechesActually, God didn’t even crack the top five.
  24. awards season
    Place Your Bets on What Will Happen in This Awards Season’s Acceptance SpeechesThe true drama of Oscar season doesn’t end when the winners’ names are read from the little envelope.
  25. happy tears
    Watch Angelina Jolie’s Emotional Governors Awards SpeechThe woman has poise.
  26. oscars
    Learn Every Oscar Acceptance Speech Stat Imaginable A grad student has studied them all and created an easy to sort and kill-time-on site.
  27. oscars
    Oscar nominees told to prep two speechesProducers: save list of names for backstage.