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  1. Facialique Solves Your Acne Problems, PermanentlyThis ad parody from sketch group Serious Lunch sneaks up on you. Yes, it’s a take on acne medication ads like Proactiv, but I’m pretty sure you […]
  2. apropos of nothing
    Lil Wayne and Amanda Bynes Should Hang OutThey’re both super-concerned about their complexions.
  3. quote machine
    Denis Leary Lets the Help Down Gently“It’s hard enough to deal with the actors when I’m acting with them.” —Denis Leary, on why he didn’t tell Rescue Me star Jerry Reilly of his character’s pending demise [TV Guide]
  4. art candy
    Artists, Meet Your MakersAs summer group shows abound, it’s refreshing to see one of the megagalleries taking a vintage approach.