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    The 30 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right NowTriple Frontier, Snowpiercer, The Matrix, and more.
  2. accurate titles
    The Title of Jason Statham’s Next Film Is Right Up There With Snakes On a PlaneCan’t say you didn’t know what it was about.
  3. vulture lists
    Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Performance, RankedWith a new Terminator movie in theaters, it’s time to take stock of the movie star’s unexpected career.
  4. vulture lists
    Every Rambo Movie, RankedHow does Rambo: Last Blood stack up in the franchise?
  5. vulture lists
    Every Car Chase From the Fast & Furious Franchise, RankedPhysics are the greatest artistic liberty in the Fast & Furious franchise.
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    Jason Momoa Dips His Toe Into the Parental Revenge Genre With Sweet GirlParenting books never mention how often you’ll have to avenge your family, and that’s a real shame.
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    The Beatific Imperfection of Keanu Reeves in The MatrixHe invented a new kind of action star.
  8. The 11 Most Influential Action Heroines of Our TimeThese characters move the conversation forward about how women can behave in film.
  9. 30 Years of Action-Movie Villains in 9 InfographicsNote to Hollywood: Women can commit crimes, too.
  10. An Incredible Video of How King Kong Has Evolved Over the Last 8 DecadesSpecial effects, from stop-motion to CGI, have defined the films.
  11. how they did it
    Gareth Evans Explains the Process Behind The Raid’s Craziest Action Scenes“There’s nothing worse than the notion of ‘finding the edit’ for an action sequence based on coverage. That’s the epitome of lazy filmmaking.”
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    Whatever Happened to Tony Jaa?It’s been a long time since the Thai action star has been able to show off his greatness.
  13. The Stunning Glacial Lake in Many Action ScenesIceland’s Jökulsárlón has proven to be a popular backdrop for Hollywood.
  14. the industry
    Amazon Prime to Team Up With EuropaCorpTo stream its action films.
  15. vulture lists
    The 25 Best Cold-Open Action Scenes in Film HistoryFeaturing Bond, Holmes, and… Monty Python?
  16. Emily Blunt, the Rock, & the Post-Furiosa Action HeroOne of these two looks like an action-hero.
  17. editorials
    The Expendables 3 and How PG-13 Has Ruined the Modern Action MovieCan you point to any decent action in a recent big-budget American movie?
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    On the Rise of the Geri-Action MovieThis weekend’s Red 2 is just the latest example of Hollywood’s new niche for actors entering their golden years.
  19. The 25 Best Action Movies Since Die HardTo celebrate the 25th anniversary of Die Hard, we’ve ranked the greatest thrill rides of the post-“yippee-ki-yay” era.
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    Quiz: Which Cheesy-Action Movie One-Liners Are Real and Which Are Fake?Yipee-kai-yay … takethisquiz!
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    Watch McBain, the Simpsons Action Hero’s First Feature Film Get. Mendoza.
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    See a Totally Crazy Robot Chase From Indian Sci-Fi Movie EnthiranJust sit back and enjoy.