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  1. the sweet hereafter
    Ian Holm, Lord of the Rings and Alien Actor, Dead at 88The Tony Award and BAFTA-winning actor died of Parkinson’s-related illness.
  2. the future issue
    In 2029, Julia Roberts and Bette Davis Will Still Be Starring in New MoviesDigitally cloning and de-aging actors could be the future of Hollywood.
  3. movies
    The 25 Greatest Movie Actors Who’ve Directed ThemselvesIn honor of Bradley Cooper and A Star Is Born, we look at the best movie-star–directors of all time.
  4. marvel cinematic universe
    A Simple Quiz: Has This Actor Ever Appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?We’ll give you 30 actors. You tell us if they’ve been in a Marvel movie.
  5. How Grief Led Diane Kruger to the Bravest Performance of her CareerThe actress discusses how love and loss shaped her performance in the German-language thriller In The Fade.
  6. Why Jon Hamm Hasn’t Become a Movie Star, YetAnd why Baby Driver may signal a new phase for the actor.
  7. Obscene and Unheard: The Unmade Films of John WatersLet’s take a journey into unchartered Waters.
  8. typecasting
    Why More Actors Should Be Cast Against TypeIt’s how some of the great stars in recent years have been born.
  9. c.r.e.a.m.
    Big Bang Rules List of Highest-Paid TV ActorsIf you work for Modern Family, you’re also, unsurprisingly, pretty set.
  10. star wars
    The New Han Solo Will Probably Be Some Unknown Australian Dude, and That’s OkayHollywood is currently suffering from a dearth of young male stars.
  11. profiles
    How Jeff Perry Becomes Scandal’s Presidential Henchman Cyrus BeeneSometimes, between takes, he’ll slap himself in the face.
  12. movie stars
    The Year of Rock: How the Former Wrestler Became King of the Action-Cinema RingIt’s not hard to smell what The Rock is cooking this summer — it’s box-office domination.
  13. Read a Chart Measuring the Shortest Actors in HollywoodJosh Hutcherson is barely taller than Woody Allen. Hah!
  14. Actors Who Don’t Pull Off Playing Musicians, In Order10. Jeff Bebe and Russell Hammond of Stillwater (Billy Crudup, Jason Lee) - Almost Famous 9. Michael Pare - Eddie and the Cruisers 8. The […]
  15. actors
    Jesse Eisenberg Does Not Like to Be Mixed Up With Michael Cera“It’s annoying.”
  16. clickables
    Wannabe Actor Sends Unusual, Rape-Themed Solicitation to Casting DirectorDaryl would love to be considered for your upcoming movie.
  17. actors
    A-Rod an Actor NowBelieve it or not, Justin Timberlake may not be the worst actor in the upcoming comedy ‘Friends With Benefits.’
  18. service advisory
    L.A. Making Sure Actors Don’t Pay to AuditionAnd are just paying to live there, while waiting to land a gig.
  19. movies
    The Best Performances of the Decade, As Picked by George Clooney, Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges, OthersDo be sure to stay tuned for Sam Worthington’s selection.
  20. right-click
    St. Vincent Will Pay to See You Cry“Actor Out of Work” sounds like a breakout.
  21. actors
    Cross-Joint Inventor Signs Book DealRoger Friedman reports that the actor and MFA student has sold a short-story collection to Scribner.
  22. actors
    Is Will Smith Really an Outlier?Smith is among the growing number of film-industry rainmakers using an argument from Malcolm Gladwell’s new best seller ‘Outliers’ to explain their massive success
  23. labor unrest
    SAG Delays Strike Vote Since It Basically Has No ChanceOwing to growing dissent among its own ranks, SAG leaders announced last night that they’re delaying the strike vote for two weeks.
  24. actors
    Is Philip Seymour Hoffman the Worst Theater Director Ever?Maybe!
  25. actors
    Grey’s Anatomy Writers: A Brain Tumor Would Be Too Good for T.R. KnightFollowing yesterday’s reports that T.R. Knight had walked off the set comes word that ABC is letting him out of his contract.
  26. actors
    T.R. Knight Angling for a Brain TumorActor-writer relations continue to deteriorate behind the scenes of ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ as T.R. is rumored to have walked off the set.
  27. apropos of nothing
    How Bad Is Terrence Howard’s Album, Anyway?We’ve heard some crappy actor-made albums before, but this one might be something special.