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  1. ad wizards
    Hamm to Provide Voice for Mercedes’ Oscar AdsSadly, the “hot actor” will be heard but not seen in the spots.
  2. ad wizards
    Hyundai’s Ad Campaign Shelved By OscarWhy Hyundai didn’t give the Academy the finger and pull their media buy, we’ll never know.
  3. brachydactylys
    Megan Fox’s Thumb DoubleControversy!
  4. ozay
    The Sarah Silverman Show Returns, Now With More Stealth Advertorial!If this is what it takes to save the show, we’re all for it.
  5. ad wizards
    Is Warner Bros. Hiding Kevin Smith in Cop Out ads?Could his name be, in the words of the immortal Norm MacDonald, “box-office poison”?
  6. ad wizards
    Great Moments in Sacrilegious Movie Marketing, Part ThreePaul Bettany will have his revenge on Christianity.
  7. ad wizards
    Honest to Blog, Ellen Page Is Shilling for Cisco in a New TV SpotSadly, Cisco is not making a new line of wireless 3G burger phones.
  8. make it suntory time
    AT&T Rescues Luke Wilson From His Life of Cinematic ObscurityHey, his IMDb STARmeter is up 17 percent this week, so life can’t be ALL bad for him, right?
  9. ad wizards
    New Ads Suggest George Lopez Is Just As Funny As Urine-Soaked PantsUm, gross!
  10. ad wizards
    Vampires and Werewolves in Need of Antioxidants Encouraged to Drink VitaminwaterIf it’s all the same to you, we’ll just continue to drink Tru Blood.
  11. ad wizards
    Music Industry Devises Bold New Method of Revenue Generation: In-CD Advertising!This move oughtta steer a lot more people toward BitTorrent.
  12. ad wizards
    Borders Finally Realizing That This Whole Twilight Phenomenon Could Help SalesThey are beginning to roll out teen-specific sections in their stores.
  13. ad wizards
    Infamous Video of Michael Jackson’s Hair Catching on Fire Finally UnearthedPretty harrowing stuff here, people.
  14. ad wizards
    Mad Men Promos Hit OverdriveBuy ‘Mad Men’ suits at Banana Republic! Cheat on your spouse with the help of Clorox!
  15. i want mah scalps!
    Weinstein Company’s Latest Inglourious Basterds Promo Caters to Bloodthirsty MassesFirst step, UFC. Next step, Louisville Sluggers?
  16. ad wizards
    Was Land of the Lost Sunk by an Outtake?Bear with us as we float an intriguing (at least, to us) theory.
  17. ad wizards
    Borders Adopts Bold New Marketing Strategy: Trying to Sell BooksColor us impressed!
  18. ad wizards
    Papa John’s Promises Wolverine Will Be ‘Loaded With Cheese’The XL-Xtreme Cheese Pizza also comes topless, just like Hugh Jackman!