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  1. ‘Farts and Procreation’ and the Transcendent Power of SillinessPod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time For people not on its peculiar […]
  2. Adam Scott Is Keeping BusyAdam Scott is a very busy man. Fresh off wrapping five seasons on Parks and Recreation, the actor is staying active on the producing side as […]
  3. trailer mix
    Will Krampus Be Our Next Great Christmas Horror Film?The evil version of Santa Claus from German folklore.
  4. Here’s the First Look at ‘Krampus’ Starring Adam Scott and Toni ColletteTrick ‘r Treat writer/director Michael Dougherty is taking on another holiday this December with Krampus, a horror comedy starring Adam Scott, […]
  5. comics talk to comics
    Adam Pally Talks to Adam Scott“If you are Matt Damon, that’s great, but if you’re not, the best you can hope for is, ‘I disagree, Matt Damon!’”
  6. podcasts
    U2 Is on ‘U Talkin’ U2 to Me’ Today!What a day for podcasting!
  7. Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman Get Checked for Lice on ‘Conan’Here’s a clip from Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman’s visit to last night’s Conan, where Scott comes clean with Schwartzman about the very real […]
  8. last night on late night
    Yikes, Listen to Jason Schwartzman’s Awkward Fake-Penis IncidentSwipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe!
  9. party chats
    Adam and Naomi Scott on How to Leave a Party“I never want to stay past, like, minute three.”
  10. movies
    Movie Review: The Overnight Is Squirmy and Full of Great PerformancesThe Overnight distills L.A. anxieties beautifully.
  11. Paul Rudd and Adam Scott Got Kicked Out of a Wedding for a Great ReasonAdam Scott was a guest on last night’s Late Night, where he told Seth Meyers a great story about a wedding he and Paul Rudd got kicked out of […]
  12. Adam Scott and Jimmy Kimmel Talk Prosthetic Penises and ‘The Overnight’Here’s a clip from Adam Scott’s visit to last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he chats with Kimmel about his new movie The Overnight, which […]
  13. Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott Critique Some Fan-Made Art in ‘Overnight […]To promote their new film The Overnight, Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott teamed up for a new video with Comedy Central today in which […]
  14. Here’s a New Trailer for ‘The Overnight’ Starring Adam Scott and Taylor […]After premiering at Sundance earlier this year, a new sex comedy starring Adam Scott and Orange Is the New Black’s Taylor Schilling is now […]
  15. roll clip!
    Adam Scott Admires Anus Paintings in OvernightThere’s a series.
  16. encounter
    Adam and Naomi Scott on The OvernightHe stars, she produced. The prosthetic penis was also her responsibility.
  17. Adult Swim Announces Pilots and Specials from Jon Daly, Seth Green, Tim […]Ahead of its upfront presentation next week, Adult Swim just revealed its huge slate of upcoming pilots, including a new animated sketch show […]
  18. the industry
    Adult Swim Picks Up Adam Scott SpecialAdam Scott will play a pro golfer.
  19. Adam Scott Helps the ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Guys Spend All Their Stunt MoneyHere’s a clip from tonight’s episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!, in which Scott and Reggie realize they haven’t spent any of their stunt money for […]
  20. Adam Scott, Jenny Slate, and Nick Kroll Are Starring in a Movie TogetherAdam Scott, Jenny Slate, and Nick Kroll are set to be your new favorite love triangle. Deadline reports that the trio have signed on to star in […]
  21. Adam Scott and David Koechner to Star in Christmas Horror-Comedy ‘Krampus’Adam Scott and David Koechner are teaming up to star in the next Christmas classic. The Wrap reports that Scott has joined Koechner in Krampus, […]
  22. Listen to the Final ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ with Harris WittelsScott Aukerman originally hadn’t planned to release the latest episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! featuring Adam Scott, Chelsea Peretti, and Harris […]
  23. movies
    Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Is a Depressing Retread“There were more laughs in Schindler’s List.”
  24. spoofs
    Fred Armisen and Kristen Bell Spoof Birdman“What is that damn drumming?!”
  25. Adam Scott and Joe Mande Are Developing a Marijuana Dispensary Comedy for […]Parks and Rec’s Adam Scott and Joe Mande are teaming up for a brand new NBC comedy. Deadline reports that the pair are developing a show for […]
  26. Craig Robinson, Adam Scott, and Clark Duke Visit ‘Conan’The cast of Hot Tub Time Machine 2 were guests on last night’s Conan, and in the above clip Craig Robinson leads a jam session of his very own […]
  27. party lines
    Scott and Schwartzman on The Overnight, Penises“Aside from that thing there, you are totally nude. And it’s pretty scary, but it’s liberating, too.”
  28. sundance 2015
    Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman’s Nude SundanceBoth stars go full frontal … but there’s a twist.
  29. the final season
    9 Things We Learned From Parks and Rec TCA PanelYour new favorite cocktail just might be the Joan.
  30. just butts
    An Ode to Ben Wyatt’s Butt on Parks and Recreation All about that butt.
  31. Adam and Naomi Scott Land a TV Development Deal with UniversalAdam Scott and his wife Naomi, who are the brains behind Adult Swim’s The Greatest Event in Television History specials, have signed a […]
  32. board games
    People Played Parks and Rec’s Cones of Dunshire in Real LifeThe cones are not just a metaphor.
  33. sequels
    The Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Trailer Goes Back to the FutureAnalogy: Adam Scott in the Hot Tub Time Machine franchise is to John Cusack what Jason Bateman in the Teen Wolf franchise is to Michael J. Fox.
  34. bring back riptide
    Watch Adam and Naomi Scott Talk Greatest EventMany adorable Jon Hamm anecdotes are told.
  35. vulture festival 2014
    Watch Highlights From the First Vulture FestivalFull-length videos coming soon.
  36. vulture festival 2014
    VF: Adam Scott Reveals Lost 90210 Credits HomageRob Lowe as Jason Priestley. Elizabeth Banks as Jennie Garth. And Brian Austin Green as Brian Austin Green.
  37. chats
    Adam Scott Discusses His Upcoming Movie About the Playdate From HellHe tells Vulture about The Overnight and teases his upcoming Vulture Fest event, the Greatest Panel in Television History.
  38. listen up
    Adam Scott and More Added to Vulture FestivalIncluding the Tony-nominated The Bridges of Madison County composer!
  39. Adam Scott Outs Pete Holmes as a Supernatural RacistOn last night’s Pete Holmes Show, Adam Scott made Pete Holmes look like a fool for not knowing who Stephen Dorff is or knowing what the movie […]
  40. exclusive video
    Watch Leslie Scare the Crap Out of Ben in This New Parks and Rec ClipUnless it’s the Iron Throne, he doesn’t like surprises.
  41. Adam Scott Revives His ‘Step Brothers’ Character for Funny Or Die […] Following Barack Obama’s appearance on Between Two Ferns a couple weeks ago, here’s Funny Or Die’s latest video in support of the Affordable […]
  42. Alison Brie and Adam Scott in Talks to Join Leslye Headland’s ‘Sleeping […]Two days after becoming Will Ferrell’s fiancée in Get Hard, Vulture reports that Community’s Alison Brie has also signed on to star in […]
  43. casting couch
    Adam Scott and Alison Brie Open to Sleeping With Other PeopleFrom Bachelorette writer Leslye Headland.
  44. deleted scenes
    Deleted Parks and Rec Scene: Ben’s Game of Thrones Freak-outIn which Ben has 50 swords in his butt.
  45. Here’s a ‘Parks and Rec’ Deleted Scene Starring Amy Poehler, Adam Scott, […] NBC just released this extended version of a scene from the most recent episode of Parks and Rec, in which Leslie gives Ben a replica of the […]
  46. This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Scott Aukerman and Adam Scott Debut ‘U […]The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We’re here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. […]
  47. Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman Are Launching a U2-Themed Podcast Next WeekAdam Scott and Scott Aukerman have combined their love for U2 into the ultimate superfan Adam Scott Aukerman and are launching a new U2-themed […]
  48. historical re-enactments
    Watch Adam Scott Reenact Bosom BuddiesSee their scene-by-scene redo of the eighties sitcom’s opening credits side-by-side with the Tom Hanks–Peter Scolari original.
  49. Watch Adam Scott’s Final ‘Greatest Event in Television History’ Last night, Adult Swim aired the fourth and final installment of Adam Scott’s The Greatest Event in Television History, and this time the […]
  50. chat room
    Adam Scott on Greatest Event, Parks and Rec“I’m convinced there are seven people who give a sh-t, and everyone else is not aware the show exists.”
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