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  1. brit awards 2022
    Adele Sings ‘I Drink Wine’ at First Performance Since Postponing VegasWinning Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year.
  2. brits 2022
    The Highs, Lows, and Whoas of the 2022 Brit AwardsHIGH: Adele adds to the trophy case. LOW: More Ed Sheeran?!
  3. astro girlies
    Megan Thee Stallion Wants to Collab With Adele“Somebody tell her to call me because I’m ready!”
  4. switched on pop
    Elvis Costello’s Aim Remains True, 32 Albums InPlus, riffs on everything from Olivia Rodrigo’s songs being “how rock and roll works” to passing on a chance to write for Adele.
  5. covid cancelation
    Adele FaceTimes Fans in Vegas for Canceled ShowsFans chanted “It’s okay!” as the 30 singer cried on the call.
  6. adele’s palace
    Adele Postpones Las Vegas Residency: “I’m Gutted”All “Weekends With Adele” dates will be rescheduled.
  7. videology
    Oh My God, There Are So Many Adeles in the ‘Oh My God’ VideoNot to mention the chairs and apples.
  8. rolling in the camp
    NikkieTutorials Collaborator Adele Is Entering Her Camp EraAdele calls the upcoming video for “I Drink Wine” the “campiest thing you’ll ever see.”
  9. last night on late night
    Seth Rogen Doesn’t Know Why He Was Front Row at Adele’s Concert“I was in front of Drake. There’s no world where I should be in front of Drake.”
  10. im a top
    Adele Scores Her Third Billboard Number-One Album With 30All that vinyl-hoarding paid off!
  11. 30 for xxx
    Listening to Adele’s 30 With XXX Rapper Danny Brown“I ain’t know she made shit like that!”
  12. new moves
    Enjoy This Supercut of Emma Thompson Dancing to AdeleLotta arm work. A lot.
  13. british tv
    Sob Openly While Watching Adele Reunite With Her Old English TeacherPlus a song from Alan Carr!
  14. good for her!
    Adele Convinces Spotify to Remove Default Shuffle FeatureHer power …
  15. rose all day
    Internet Demands That Adele Release 15-Minute Version of ‘I Drink Wine’Please don’t keep the song bottled up.
  16. way too close reads
    All the Best Advice From Adele’s 30It’s like Chicken Soup for the Soul but for millennials.
  17. my album is dropping
    Grab a Glass of Wine, Adele’s 30 Is Finally HereIncluding a song that features devastating voice recordings of her and her 9-year-old son.
  18. island gyal
    Adele ‘Didn’t Read the Room’ When Posting That Bantu Knot PhotoMy biggest question is why I felt the need to f**king post that when I’m so f**king private anyway.”
  19. sad girl autumn
    Stream the Even Sadder Version of Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’Now is the Sad Girl Autumn of our discontent.
  20. my single is dropping
    Watch Adele’s At-home Performance of ‘To Be Loved’ Ahead of 30 ReleaseCurled up on a sofa is a perfect place to belt a sad song.
  21. album review
    30 Is Adele at Her All-Time BestThis is the music she should’ve been making all along.
  22. proposals
    Well, Adele Just Helped Raise the Bar for Public Proposals Even HigherShe serenaded a newly engaged couple at her One Night Only concert while they sat with Lizzo and Melissa McCarthy.
  23. tv review
    Adele One Night Only Was Too Much and Also Just RightThe celebrity quotient was excessive in Adele’s CBS special. But the 30 artist proved she’s still got it.
  24. d-i-v-o-r-c-e
    A Personality Quiz Helped Adele Realize She Needed a DivorceWhen Allure quizzes get existential, it’s time to reevaluate one’s life.
  25. 30 flirty and thriving
    Yes, Adele Has Probably Seen Your Carnival Memes“I know how to trace something online like no one’s business.”
  26. trailer mix
    The Stars Are Out for Adele’s One Night Only CBS SpecialBy which we mean the literal night sky and James Corden.
  27. the industry
    Did Adele’s 30 Cause This Year’s Major Vinyl Delays?The star reportedly pressed over 500,000 copies of her upcoming album.
  28. music
    Adele’s New Track List Is Here, Is Your Relationship Ready?Including “Cry Your Heart Out,” “I Drink Wine,” and a bonus track version of “Easy on Me” with Chris Stapleton.
  29. records on records
    Adele Takes an Easy Ride to No. 1 With ‘Easy on Me’After breaking Spotify’s 24-hour global streaming record.
  30. fandom
    Behold, Adele’s Framed Piece of Gum Chewed by Celine Dion“It’s pretty amazing.”
  31. one night only
    CBS Nabs Adele Concert Special Featuring an Interview With OprahAdele One Night Only airs Sunday, November 14.
  32. song review
    There Is Still Nothing Like New AdeleEven if “Easy On Me” resembles, on its surface, something old and familiar.
  33. scary
    Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’ Is a Song About Her PoltergeistMany people, including Adele, are saying that her new song, “Easy On Me,” is about her divorce. Unfortunately, it is about a vengeful demon.
  34. homecoming
    After 6 Years of Waiting, Adele’s Back With ‘Easy On Me’Yes, we’re already SOBBING!
  35. go easy on us
    Adele Finally Adds It Up and Announces New Album 30The follow-up to 25 arrives on November 19.
  36. rumour has it
    Adele’s First Instagram Live Includes Sneak Peek of ‘Easy on Me’“I’m gonna get in trouble.”
  37. send our love (to your new album)
    Everything We Now Know About Adele’s New AlbumFrom her chatty Vogue and British Vogue covers.
  38. 30 for 30
    30 Questions for Adele’s ‘30’As rumors of the singer-songwriter’s fourth album swirl, here’s every little and big thing we’re wondering.
  39. thirty flirty and thriving
    Adele and Her Winged Eyeliner Announce New Single ‘Easy on Me’Her first single in six years drops October 15.
  40. rumor has it
    When Adele’s Album Finally Drops, a TV Special May Be Close BehindSources tell Vulture that multiple networks and streaming platforms have been approached about staging a TV special tied to the new release.
  41. hello
    Adele Shoots, Scores an Instagram Confirmation With Rich PaulThe singer-songwriter and NBA agent were first linked in July.
  42. new couples
    Rumor Has It, Adele Has a New ManThe singer and her new boo were spotted sitting courtside at game five of the NBA Finals.
  43. rumor has it
    The Taylor Swift and Adele Collab Rumors Have Been DebunkedA source told E! News “there is no truth,” so now we really do have “Broken Hearts.”
  44. 2021 preview
    28 Albums We Can’t Wait to Hear in 2021Even amid *all of this,* unannounced drops and extended rollouts continue apace.
  45. celebrity couples
    Rumour Has It Once Again That Adele Is Dating SkeptaBut she called herself “single” in a new Instagram post.
  46. the campaign trail
    The History of Musicians Saying ‘Hell No’ to Donald Trump Using Their SongsThe drama lingers as Election Day approaches.
  47. last night on late night
    Adele Brings the Heartbreak (and Torch Songs) With Her to SNL’s Bachelor ParodyOverly dramatic, quick to smash a wine glass … as if the producers would let her leave.
  48. lookin’ for my denim
    Adele Sells Jeans That’ll Burn Your Butt and Your Front on SNLAss Angel Jeans are the new Mom Jeans.
  49. snl
    Adele Makes Use of a Swear Jar in SNL Monologue“Hello, it’s me.”
  50. saturday night live
    Adele’s 25 Funniest Moments Ahead of Her SNL Hosting DebutIn praise of one of the best senses of humor in pop music.
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