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Adorable Things

  1. last night on late night
    Jacob Tremblay Pitches Himself for Star Wars IXRoom is a great movie … but you can’t compare it to Star Wars!”
  2. John Boyega’s Dad Is a Prince Among Dads“What is Star Wars?”
  3. adorable things
    Watch These Kids Lose It When Ian McKellen Goes Full-on Gandalf for ThemIt’s everything you wanted it to be and more.
  4. adorable things
    Watch Anna Kendrick Sing Her SNL MonologueShe went full Beauty and the Beast.
  5. adorable things
    There Will Be More Than 60 Kittens in the Kitten BowlAnd Yankees sportscaster John Sterling will be doing the play-by-play.
  6. I Dare You to Not Be Charmed by This Interview with Amy Poehler’s ParentsThe Wall Street Journal has a downright-adorable interview today with Bill and Eileen Poehler, parents of Amy. It even includes childhood […]