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  1. super bowl 2019
    All the Commercials Released During the 2019 Super BowlUnlikely collabs abound.
  2. ads
    Comedy Central Stops Advertising With Every Comedian’s Worst EnemyThe network removed all its ads from the FuckJerry Instagram account. Now, FuckJerry is overhauling its content system.
  3. more of an m&ms person
    Michael C. Hall to Star in One-Night-Only Skittles Broadway MusicalWill this be enough to make you people buy Skittles, huh? Will it?
  4. home alone
    Someone Should Speak to the McCallisters: Macaulay Culkin Stars in Home Alone AdHe even still has to sleep in the attic? Dang.
  5. ads
    Netflix Confirms It Wants to Ruin Your Binge-Watching Experience by Testing AdsWow, it’s like real TV.
  6. the streaming wars
    Can YouTube Really ‘Frustrate’ People Into Paying for Music?If you watch a lot of music videos on YouTube, prepare for a barrage of ads.
  7. ‘The Late Show,’ ‘Full Frontal,’ and ‘The Daily Show’ Go to War Over […]Ever since Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he was planning to hand out the “Most Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards of the Year” (or […]
  8. Comedy Central Bought a Billboard for ‘The President Show’ Three Miles […]Anthony Atamanuik’s new show The President Show debuts on Comedy Central this Thursday, and the network found a way to make sure that the real […]
  9. On Ilana Becker and That IBS Pill CommercialSo I was watching the season finale of Crashing, the one where Pete Holmes goes to a big outdoor adult baptism. One of the people getting […]
  10. Watch the Ad ‘Last Week Tonight’ Produced to Air During Bill O’Reilly’s […]Since Donald Trump became POTUS, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has been attempting to sneak some facts into his daily news diet by running […]
  11. ‘Last Week Tonight’s ‘Catheter Cowboy’ Returns to Explain the GOP […]Last month, Last Week Tonight found a creative way to sneak some facts into Donald Trump’s media diet by running ads during his favorite […]
  12. bathroom bills
    Watch Richard Linklater’s Ad Against Proposed Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill in TexasThe proposed Texas Privacy Act would require trans people to use bathrooms that do not correspond to the gender they identify with.
  13. John Hodgman Has Strong Words for the Turncoat Verizon SpokesmanPaul Marcarelli AKA the “Verizon Guy” recently turned on the company that made him famous by starring in Sprint’s newest ad campaign, and […]
  14. ‘South Park’ Celebrates 20 Seasons on Comedy Central with the New Ad […]South Park hits a milestone later this year when it airs its 20th season on Comedy Central, and to celebrate, the show put together this […]
  15. Darrell Hammond Isn’t Happy About Getting Replaced in KFC’s Colonel […]By now you’ve probably seen KFC’s ad campaign starring Darrell Hammond, Norm Macdonald, and most recently Jim Gaffigan playing Colonel Sanders, […]
  16. ads
    An Aloha Billboard Has Been Up for Over a YearAloha is evergreen.
  17. ‘SNL’ Will Have Fewer Commercials But More Branded Content Next SeasonNBC is mixing up its advertising strategy for Saturday Night Live next season, and with that comes some good news and some bad news. According […]
  18. Cheez-It Just Blatantly Ripped Off Tim and Eric in a New AdMore often than not, accusations of joke theft are debatable and the “parallel thinking” argument usually comes into play. But this week, some […]
  19. Mike Huckabee Is the Latest Presidential Candidate to Make a Terrible […]For some reason, Republican presidential candidates have turned to parody ads in recent months in an attempt to stand out to voters in Iowa, […]
  20. Here’s the Awful Parody Ad Ted Cruz Ran in Iowa During ‘SNL’Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz already gave comedy a great gift by releasing hours of raw, cringeworthy campaign ad footage (that The Daily Show […]
  21. Tim and Eric Made a Totino’s Pizza Roll Commercial That’s Hardcore Punk […]Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim have been on a roll in the advertising world lately. Back in September they directed a commercial for a GE […]
  22. apologies
    Mary J. Blige Is Very Sorry About That Burger King Ad“It just broke my heart.”
  23. the celebrity economy
    Celebrities Will Sell Most Anything, As Long As It’s Not HereLet’s watch Clooney, Aniston, Pitt, DiCaprio, Snoop, Julia, and many more cash in across the ocean.
  24. commercials
    Watch an Epic Orchestration of the Star Wars Theme, ‘Barked in Key’ by DogsIf we could give out CLIOs …
  25. clickables
    Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Chase a Woman Around Paris for Chinese Cell Phones(It’s not Blake Lively.)
  26. clickables
    Watch Lindsay Lohan’s Sad Puppet Infomercial for New ZealandToday in your Pathetic Lindsay Lohan News Update.
  27. clickables
    Watch the Bizarre Conclusion to Fabio and Isaiah Mustafa’s Old Spice FeudAlso included: time travel.
  28. clickables
    See a Kind-of-Naked Ad for Ashton Kutcher’s Two and a Half MenWeird, but SFW.
  29. clickables
    Watch a New Promo for Nickelodeon’s Nineties RevivalIt starts July 25.
  30. clickables
    Meet Kenny Powers’s New K-Swiss Management Team“Shut up and buy them.”
  31. clickables
    Watch Justin Timberlake Try, Fail at Various SportsHe falls down a lot.
  32. clickables
    Watch Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis’s Facebook Status PSABecause it’s the title of their movie.
  33. clickables
    Watch Andy Samberg’s First Shark Week PromoThe sharks are jamming out to Lady Gaga
  34. clickables
    Watch Justin Bieber’s Sappy But Sweet Google AdSo many memories.
  35. clickables
    Watch Lady Gaga’s Fan-Filled Google Chrome AdLady Gaga can use a computer.
  36. oprah
    Buying Ad Time on Oprah’s Last Show Will Cost YouAlmost as much as the Academy Awards.
  37. clickables
    Watch a Unicorn Furry Sing Aerosmith to Sarah SilvermanLove knows no species.
  38. clickables
    See Kristen Schaal’s Clever, Slightly Crazy Smartphone AdsCrossbows and cats!
  39. clickables
    Read Some Excellent (Fake) ‘Hardcore History’ Ads for the SmithsonianAndrew Jackson’s parrot was very cool.
  40. clickables
    See a Banned, Student-Made Ad for the University of LincolnDinosaurs!
  41. clickables
    See Waka Flocka Flame Basically Naked in His New PETA AdHe’s wearing a necklace, technically.
  42. clickables
    Read a Collection of Absurd Vintage Computer AdsWhy won’t anyone hug a computer anymore?
  43. clickables
    Watch Jennifer Aniston Try to Master the InternetShe recruits Keenan Cahill, the Double Rainbow guy, and some vintage dancing babies too.
  44. clickables
    See Bill Cosby’s Very Cosby-Ish Ad for His New Mobile AppThis is real.
  45. clickables
    Watch a Jim Beam Commercial Starring a Dozen Different Willem DafoesSumo Willem Dafoe!
  46. ads
    Guess Who Directed That Super Bowl Commercial About Tibet?Someone you normally like!
  47. clickables
    See Melissa Leo’s Personal Oscar Campaign Ads“I took matters into my own hands.”
  48. trailer mix
    Which Movie Had the Best Super Bowl Ad?’Super 8,’ ‘Captain America,’ ‘Thor,’ ‘Fast Five,’ and eight other films had ads last night.
  49. clickables
    See Kanye and Bruce Willis in a Trailer for Kobe Bryant’s ‘Black Mamba’ AdHe (Kanye) is the boss.
  50. clickables
    Watch Devendra Banhart’s Soft-core Short Film for Oliver PeoplesTrying on glasses in the bathtub.
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