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    People Are Dunking on Adult Swim’s Call for Free TV Show Pitches“Anyone who answers this is a sucker.”
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    Navigating On Cinema’s Giant, Underground UniverseA guide to Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington’s series and everything that it has spawned so far.
  3. infomercials
    Enter the Demented Mind of Sarah Squirm With Adult Swim’s New InfomercialPresenting a bizarre, disgusting, and groundbreaking new hair-removal procedure.
  4. recommendations
    The Shivering Truth Will Fill the Wonder Showzen–Shaped Hole in Your HeartVernon Chatman’s new stop-motion series is disturbing, terrifying, and amazing.
  5. keep comedy weird
    Three Delightfully Weird and Funny Videos for Your Viewing PleasureChris Fleming, Carmen Christopher, Lorelei Ramirez are keeping weird comedy alive.
  6. trailer mix
    Adult Swim’s The Shivering Truth Trailer Will Give You Stop-motion NightmaresFrom the mind of Wonder Showzen co-creator Vernon Chatman.
  7. looking back
    Moral Orel Paved the Way for the Depressing Cartoons of TodayTalking with Dino Stamatopoulos, Carolyn Lawrence, and Scott Adsit about the show that was too bleak even for Adult Swim.
  8. Adult Swim Orders Animated Series Tigtone and The Shivering TruthThey both sound very weird and very different.
  9. recommendations
    Two Very Funny Shows You Should Watch to Feel Better About AmericaDetroiters and Joe Pera Talks With You are all about finding little moments of joy.
  10. adult swim
    The Too Many Cooks Creator Is Back With a Video Game Walk-through From Hell“Have you ever felt like you’re not in control?”
  11. underrated
    Rob Corddry and Brian Huskey on Snuff Box and Why It’s Brilliant to Play Dumb“Right before this interview I was thinking, ‘Why don’t me and Huskey do our own show like this?’”
  12. the swag
    Rick and Morty’s Creators on the Show’s Best and Weirdest MerchSome are fan-made, others are official, and none of them will make any sense to those uninitiated.
  13. Derrick Beckles and Eric Andre’s New Show Looks Insane and DisgustingFeaturing Fred Durst as “DJ Durst.”
  14. comedy
    Brian Huskey’s Mr. Neighbor’s House Returns to Adult Swim Next MonthIt’s a “live-action kid’s show that is too disturbing for kids.”
  15. Adult Swim Orders ‘Three Busy Debras’ Pilot Produced by Amy PoehlerMitra Jouhari, Sandy Honig, and Alyssa Stonoha AKA Three Busy Debras just landed a pilot order at Adult Swim. The network announced today that […]
  16. Please Relax and Enjoy This ‘Joe Pera Talks With You’ TrailerJoe Pera heads to Adult Swim later this month with the premiere of his new series Joe Pera Talks With You, and this week a trailer dropped to […]
  17. Taking a ‘Soft Focus’ with Jena FriedmanSometimes hard issues need a light touch, which is where comedian Jena Friedman comes in. In her new Adult Swim mini-special Soft Focus with […]
  18. ‘Soft Focus with Jena Friedman’ and ‘Eric Andre Does Paris’ Air on Adult […]Jena Friedman and Eric Andre both have 15-minute specials premiering on Adult Swim next month. First up is the Friedman special the network […]
  19. Revisiting ‘Xavier: Renegade Angel,’ a 21st Century TraumedyNovember marked the ten-year anniversary of Adult Swim’s broadcast of Xavier: Renegade Angel, a show that spanned two ten-episode seasons and […]
  20. Watch Chelsea Peretti, Shonali Bhowmik, Heather Lawless, and Andrea […]If you’re looking for a temporary escape from all of the terrible news this week, look no further than the above video comedy group Variety […]
  21. A Comprehensive List of Every Rick and Morty Universe So FarIncluding that dimension in which everyone looks like Eric Stoltz in Mask.
  22. overnights
    Rick and Morty Season-Finale Recap: Independence DayIs this the end of Rick and Morty?
  23. overnights
    Rick and Morty Recap: A Trip to FroopylandBeth and Rick are exactly the same.
  24. overnights
    Rick and Morty Recap: Tales From the Citadel“The Ricklantis Mixup” is the best kind of unexpected episode.
  25. chat room
    Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim on Bedtime Stories and Awesome Show’s Influence“There’s a lot of people trying to be weird out there on the internet, but we just stick to our guns.”
  26. game of shows
    Dan Harmon Wasn’t Behind the Game of Thrones Jab That Aired After Rick and Morty“Hey man, wasn’t me, I just work on Rick and Morty and love the Thrones.”
  27. r.i.p.
    Rick and Morty Had the Most Savage Game of Thrones Burn Last NightRIP discernible character motivations.
  28. overnights
    Rick and Morty Recap: The DetoxRick and Morty try to rid themselves of their toxic traits.
  29. Check Out the Season 2 Trailer for ‘Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories’Tim and Eric’s 10th anniversary special airs on Adult Swim this Sunday, but thankfully there’s more new T&E TV goodness planned for next […]
  30. overnights
    Rick and Morty Recap: A Rick and Jerry AdventureRick and Jerry would be much better people if their paths never crossed.
  31. Dr. Steve Brule and Will Forte Show Up in the Trailer for Tim and Eric’s […]Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Awesome Show this month with a half-hour Adult Swim special, and as […]
  32. overnights
    Rick and Morty Recap: A Vat of RedundancyEpisodes like “Vindicators 3” are the bread and butter of Rick and Morty.
  33. ‘Rick and Morty’ Writers on Adult Swim’s Lack of Shows by Women: “I Don’t […]Rick and Morty recently kicked off its third season on Adult Swim, and three episodes in, it’s already received plenty of rave reviews online. […]
  34. Tim and Eric’s 10th Anniversary Special Airs on Adult Swim Later This MonthIf you were unable to attend one of the stops on Tim and Eric’s 10th anniversary tour this summer, you’re in luck, because Adult Swim is also […]
  35. overnights
    Rick and Morty Recap: Other People’s Problems“Pickle Rick” is a Freudian acid trip.
  36. overnights
    Rick and Morty Recap: After the Boom-BoomThis is Summer’s show and everyone else is just living in it.
  37. Rick and Morty Is One of the Best Shows on TVThe Adult Swim series isn’t just a bawdy riff on science-fiction clichés.
  38. How ‘Rick and Morty’ and ‘BoJack Horseman’ Changed What Adult Animation […]When I first saw ads for Rick and Morty on Adult Swim in 2013, the premise seemed pretty straightforward: Back to the Future, except Doc is an […]
  39. Season 3 of ‘Rick and Morty’ Premieres on Adult Swim July 30thRick and Morty’s third season finally has a premiere date. During a livestream event last night, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland revealed that […]
  40. Adult Swim Orders Stop-Motion Pilot ‘The Shivering Truth’ from Vernon […]PFFR’s Vernon Chatman has a new project in the works at Adult Swim. The network announced today that it’s given a pilot order to a stop-motion […]
  41. Adult Swim Orders a Jena Friedman Special and New Show from Eric Andre and […]Adult Swim just announced two new live-action comedy projects: a 15-minute series from Eric Andre and Derrick Beckles, and a special from […]
  42. Jon Glaser Is Back in the Season 2 ‘Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter’ TrailerJon Glaser’s Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter returns to Adult Swim later this month, and today Adult Swim released the season 2 trailer. The new […]
  43. Adult Swim Orders Animated Series ‘The Jellies!’ from Tyler, the CreatorAdult Swim just added a quarter-hour animated show to its lineup. Deadline reports that the network has given a series order to The Jellies! […]
  44. Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington’s ‘Decker: Unsealed’ Premieres on Adult […]Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington’s Decker returns to Adult Swim with a brand new season next month. The network announced today that the new […]
  45. Jon Glaser’s ‘Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter’ Returns to Adult Swim Next MonthJon Glaser’s show Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter is returning to Adult Swim next month. The half-hour comedy – which aired its debut season back in […]
  46. The Season 3 ‘Rick and Morty’ Premiere Airs on Adult Swim Every Night This […]In case you missed it, Adult Swim surprised Rick and Morty fans over the weekend with a sort of April Fools anti-prank by airing the season 3 […]
  47. a pleasant surprise
    You Can Watch the Rick and Morty Season 3 Premiere Right NowSome salve for those tender April Fools’ Day burns.
  48. Adult Swim Orders ‘Apollo Gauntlet’ and ‘Hot Streets’ to SeriesAdult Swim just added two quarter-hour animated comedies to its lineup. Paste reports that the network has given series orders to Apollo […]
  49. Adult Swim Renews ‘Dream Corp LLC’ for a Second SeasonDaniel Stessen’s trippy new animated/live-action hybrid Dream Corp LLC will return to Adult Swim for another season. Today the network made the […]
  50. The Uplifting Nihilism of ‘Rick & Morty’2016 was a very, very bad year no matter how you slice it. In tough times, comedy is often a form of escape that people turn to when they need […]
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