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Afterlife With Archie

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    Inside One Long-Delayed Comic Book’s Struggle to Win Back Fans and RetailersA look at an intimate and slightly archaic market.
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    An Exclusive Look at Afterlife With Archie’s Long-Delayed Next IssuesThere was a 20-week gap between issues six and seven and a 21-week gap between seven and eight.
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    Two Long-Delayed Archie Horror Comics Series Will Return This SummerAfterlife With Archie and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are back from purgatory.
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    Exploring the Many Alternate Dimensions of Archie ComicsThere are currently Archies living in four parallel universes across the various comic-book series.
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    Afterlife With Archie Creator on Zombie Jughead“The fun of it is seeing characters that people have known for 70-plus years turn into zombies.”