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    17 Things to Do in New York City Over the Next Two WeeksMartin Scorsese’s New York, New York, a Stanley Kubrick exhibition, Jörg Widmann at Carnegie Hall, and more.
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    8 Notable New Releases Over the Next Two WeeksThe Good Place finale, Kesha’s new album, BoJack Horseman returns, and more.
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    25 Things to See, Hear, Watch, Read Over the Next Two WeeksThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Marina Benjamin’s Insomnia, Jeff Tweedy’s Warm, and more.
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    25 Things to See, Hear, Watch, Read Over the Next Two WeeksMy Brilliant Friend, Bryan Cranston in Network, Glass Handel, and more.
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    25 Things to See, Hear, Watch, Read Over the Next Two WeeksBohemian Rhapsody, Chris Stapleton at MSG, Homecoming, The Feral Detective, and more.
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    25 Things to See, Hear, Watch, Read Over the Next Two WeeksOn Beckett, Private Life, Steely Dan, Friday Black, and more.
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    25 Things to See, Hear, Watch, and Read Over the Next Two WeeksOklahoma!, Jonas Kaufmann, Big Mouth, Killing Commendatore, and more.
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    25 Things to See, Hear, Watch, and Read Over the Next Two WeeksThe Sisters Brothers, New York Philharmonic, Maniac, Washington Black, and more.
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    ‘Dexter’ Returns — With a ‘Killer’ Surprise!You needn’t have amped up for the season-three premiere of ‘Dexter’ by taking the show’s “killer instinct” online quiz.
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    ‘The Office’ Returns, Glorying in a Full HourFor those of you who didn’t tune in to the cliffhanger-ish ending of last season’s Office … well, shame on you for not paying attention to what is still arguably the best show on TV.
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    Real-Estate Greed Made Poignant In ‘The Unforeseen’Laura Dunn’s documentary isn’t just a parable about a proud real-estate tycoon gobbling up the beautiful land and natural springs around Austin, Texas.
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    Sculptor Henry Moore’s Sheep Book For His DaughterThis picture book perfectly conveys the fuzzy creatures’ simple innocence and is sure to beguile the eyes of children in their animal-obsessed stage.
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    The Replacements, the Ultimate Coulda-Been-ContendersThe Replacements are usually thought to have been a brilliant unit until they jumped to a major label. Nonsense…
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    ‘The Godfather’ Films Get the Restorations They DeserveIf you’re upgrading your DVD collection to Blu-Ray, this set is a no-brainer: The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration.
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    ‘The Foot Fist Way’ Is Funniest Comedy of the Year—ReallyJody Hill’s redneck tae kwon do crazyfest, about a wayward loser trying to find new purpose in martial arts after his wife cheats.
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    ‘The Only Son’ Captures the Other Rousseau’s ParisFrench writer Stéphane Audeguy has chosen an obscure — but wonderfully eccentric — protagonist for his second novel, The Only Son.
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    Long-Awaited Solo Work From Lindsey BuckinghamGift of Screws, Lindsey Buckingham’s fifth solo album, has been a long-gestating affair.
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    ‘Will & Grace’—Not a Gay Sitcom, a Great Sitcom!Gayness wasn’t what made the series, now on DVD box set, a sitcom staple.
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    ‘House’ Returns to Save TV’s Tenderest BromanceWe’re sure Fox’s medical drama can withstand an 8 p.m. time slot.
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    D. Nurkse’s Poetry, the Product of Metaphysical BattlesThe ravaged settings in which many of D. Nurkse’s new poems take place…
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    Brilliant Chris Marker Films Come Out of Hiding, Onto DVDSince almost none of brilliant and reclusive filmmaker Chris Marker’s work is widely available, documentary distributor Icarus Films should be lauded for somehow gaining permission to release four of Marker’s films on DVD.
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    Okkervil River Show How Good They’ve Been All AlongFront man Will Sheff injects pathos and wonderment into nearly every word he sings…
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    ‘The Big Lebowski,’ on Ludicrous Tenth Anniversary DVDThe Big Lebowski, out now in a ludicrous tenth-anniversary DVD edition packaged inside a plastic bowling ball.
  24. Agenda: Read-Along DVD Geniusly Improves on ‘Where the Wild Things Are’While you wait for Spike Jonze to tweak his Wild Things adaptation, pop this genius rereleased animated book in the player.
  25. Agenda: Iraq War Doc ‘No End in Sight’ Attacks With the FactsRather than take down George Bush with smug cheap shots, political scientist Charles Ferguson’s terrific No End in Sight, first released in 2007, simply attacked with the facts.
  26. Agenda: ‘Reprise,’ a Film That Takes an Exhilarating Look at Young NovelistsWhen it came out in May, David Edelstein couldn’t say enough nice things about Reprise, the debut film from Norway’s Joachim Trier that centers on the lives of two young aspiring novelists.
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    Bubbly ‘Entourage’ Boys Return to Ease Us Out of SummerWhen we last left our scruffy band of merrymakers, the Entourage boys were on a beach in Cannes, reeling from the bombing of their passion project, Medellin.
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    ‘ANTM’ Takes Lovelies Closer to Fame, in HollywoodIn the course of ten cycles, madwoman Tyra Bank’s reality show has produced a grand total of zero supermodels.
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    Daniel Mendelsohn Elegantly Cuts Down Culture BigwigsMendelsohn’s elegant criticism for The New York Review of Books and elsewhere has been collected in this volume of essays.
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    Christopher Buckley Satirizes Supreme Court in LatestIf it feels like Christopher Buckley turns out a new book every time you finish his last, well, we suppose it’s because he has no shortage of targets.
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    Rachel McAdams Packs the Tension in ‘Married Life’If you like the slick sixties art direction of ‘Mad Men,’ you won’t be disappointed by the forties finery of ‘Married Life.’
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    A Top-Shelf Crime Novel From ‘Cold Case Files’ WriterTop-shelf crime novels eventually find their way to the screen, but Michael Harvey’s work has evolved in the other direction.
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    Ashton Antics Endearing in ‘What Happens in Vegas’Even the em>Punk’d-averse may find themselves seduced by Kutcher’s himbo antics for the first time.
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    Daniel Levitin’s Latest Puts Music Somewhere Near DarwinLevitin is back with The World in Six Songs, a book that aims to prove that music doesn’t just make us feel good, our brains have used it to organize society.
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    ‘Man in the Dark’: Paul Auster Imagines a Life Without 9/11This counterfactual novel, in which Bush versus Gore led to civil war and September 11 never happened, isn’t a gimmicky departure for Paul Auster, but a characteristically Austerian dream vision.
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    ‘The History of Forgetting’ Locates L.A.’s Heart of DarknessA serious sociological study of L.A. and its mythomaniac pathologies.
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    Forget Spike Jonze: ‘Where the Wild Things Are‘ DVDWhile you wait for Spike Jonze’s Wild Things adaptation, pop this rereleased animated book in the player.
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    Revered Author Antonio Muñoz Molina Goes Meta-MysteryAntonio Muñoz Molina’s latest beautifully wrought novel, A Manuscript of Ashes, is set in Franco-era Spain and tells the story of a young university student, Minaya, who retreats to his uncle Manuel’s mansion in the countryside.
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    ‘Nixon’ Does Unthinkable: Makes Tricky Dick SympatheticRevisit Oliver Stone’s 1995 drama about another president whose legacy hangs in tatters.
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    ‘Counterfeiters’ DVD Delves Deeper Into Its Nazi MysteryThis DVD release goes deeper into Adolf Burger’s astonishing experience.
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    ‘Into the Unknown’ With Handsome Devil Josh BernsteinOn this new show, Bernstein will firmly guide you through the world’s greatest mysteries, like Chachapoya cloud warriors and Papua New Guinea mummies.
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    Chekhov DVD Collection Dives Into the Master’s IconsThe BBC’s Anton Chekhov Collection is a perfect crash course in the icon’s masterpieces.
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    Hov Stomps Through Leaked Banger ‘Jockin’ Jay-Z’Jay stomps his way through a skeletal vocal sample and beat, proving the greats don’t need much to shine.
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    Young Dannyhott Sings Things He Probably Shouldn’tHe doesn’t mean to be age inappropriate; young Danny Pacheco is just giving it his all in his YouTube videos.
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    Joseph Mitchell, Master of the “Has-Been” ProfileJoseph Mitchell’s fascinating and delightful mid-century reporting has us yearning for the saltier, scrappier New York he inhabited.
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    David Simon’s Last Words on ‘The Wire’ Season FiveWire obsessives can complete their home collection today with the release of the final season on DVD.
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    A ‘Wife Of’ Struggles in Rebecca Miller’s Personal DebutShe may be the daughter of Arthur Miller and wife of Daniel Day-Lewis, but Rebecca Miller is making her own mark on the film and literary worlds.
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    Guy Maddin as His Strangest Character Yet—HimselfCrazy Canuck cinema junkie Guy Maddin is the mad scientist of the Great North’s cinematic underground.
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    Laurie Berkner, Another Local Making Great Kids’ TunesLaurie Buckner, another shining example of New York’s progressive, adult-friendly children’s rock scene, may have outdone her peers with this cute and versatile album.
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    Wiki Site Reveals Parallel Universe of Fake MoviesSpencer Green is the mind behind the satiric Parallel Universe Film Guide, a scarily extensive Wikipedia ripoff cataloging movies that do. not. exist.
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