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  1. May 2017’s Best Standup Specials: Hasan Minhaj, Maria Bamford, Chris […] We’re in the middle of a comedy special deluge, and May brought nine new hours of standup to the spate. In case you missed it, here’s a […]
  2. Talking with Al Madrigal About Standup, Fatherhood, and ‘The Daily Show’Al Madrigal is making up for lost time and he doesn’t have much time left. Don’t worry, he’s fine. But in his own words, he “started late” and […]
  3. Al Madrigal’s Showtime Special ‘Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy’ Premieres Next MonthAd Madrigal has a new standup special premiering next month. Titled Al Madrigal: Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy, the hourlong special was directed by […]
  4. Al Madrigal Explains His Anti-Yelp Review Stance on ‘Conan’Here’s a clip from Al Madrigal’s appearance on last night’s Conan, in which he breaks down his distrust for Yelp reviews as well as his […]
  5. Al Madrigal Tried to Compare Alabama and Mississippi’s HomophobiaOn last night’s Daily Show, Al Madrigal headed down to Alabama and Mississippi to figure out which state was likely to hold out on legalizing […]
  6. Jon Stewart and His News Team Catch Up on Recent Anthony Weiner […] Here’s recently returned Jon Stewart reuniting with his news team to cover a slew of recent Anthony Weiner racial controversies. Good thing […]
  7. Watch Hannibal Buress Try to Buy Al Madrigal’s Joke About His Dad Hannibal Buress, Al Madrigal, and Jeffrey Ross all performed at the first Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival in Austin last week, and […]
  8. Jason Jones and Al Madrigal Got Hitched Last Night on ‘The Daily Show’ Since yesterday’s historic Supreme Court ruling essentially mandated that everyone dissolve their straight marriages and jump into gay […]
  9. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: ‘Why is the Rabbit Crying’ by Al MadrigalLast Friday Comedy Central premiered Why is the Rabbit Crying, Al Madrigal’s first stand-up special with the network and his first since […]
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    John Hodgman Interviews Al Madrigal “Something I want to talk to you about — this is very serious: Do you know how terrible your posture is?”
  11. You Had To Be There #104: Al MadrigalThis week, Sara and Nikki reannounce the renewal of their really great TV show Nikki & Sara LIVE (thanks for watching!) before quickly […]
  12. Talking with Al Madrigal about ‘The Daily Show’ and His New Standup SpecialAl Madrigal is a correspondent on The Daily Show, a longtime stand-up comedian, and the co-creator of the comedy podcast network All Things […]
  13. Al Madrigal Investigates the Tea Party Manatee-Riding Debate on ‘The Daily […] Here’s Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal’s report on the debate surrounding the manatee-riding rights of the Tea Party, which, […]
  14. ‘The Daily Show’ Returns and the News Team Surveys the Hurricane DamageLast night, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report came back from their hurricane-imposed break, and the news team took to the streets to […]
  15. ‘The Daily Show’ Correspondents Will Explain the Amendments to You Getting a little rusty on your Constitutional Amendments? Well, The Daily Show correspondents are stepping in to kick that problem to the […]
  16. Al Madrigal Takes on an Obliviously Racist School Board Member on The […] Last night on the Daily Show, Al Madrigal travelled to Tucson, AZ, where the local high schools have just been banned from teaching […]
  17. Daily Show Senior Latino Correspondent Al Madrigal Is Not Your Applebee’s […] The Daily Show debuted new Senior Latino Correspondent Al Madrigal last night, who suspects President Obama’s recent statements about […]
  18. Al Madrigal Allegedly Debuting Tonight As The Daily Show’s New […]Punchline reported today that stand-up Al Madrigal will be The Daily Show’s newest correspondent. The comedian and actor has co-starred along […]
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    Food Trucks Heading Toward ABC ComedyOur favorite food phenom is hitting the small screen.