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  1. party chat
    Al Pacino’s Preshow Ritual Revealed!His ‘Merchant of Venice’ co-star Jesse L. Martin tells us the odd act Pacino has to do before every performance.
  2. sundance
    Katie Holmes’s Latest Silences SundanceAnd not in a good way.
  3. trailer mix
    Son of No One Trailer: Tracy Morgan’s Unfunny Past Comes Back to Haunt HimWatch the ‘Son of No One’ trailer.
  4. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Carrie Fisher Gifts Craig Ferguson a Kangaroo-Scrotum Key ChainPlus, Helen Mirren puts Jay Leno in a lip lock, on our regular late-night roundup.
  5. the industry
    Industry: Gael Garcia Bernal to Play a Boxing ChampPlus, Julia Louis-Dreyfus on HBO.
  6. party lines
    Sarah Paulson at Merchant of VenicePlus: Eric Bogosian, Heather Lind, Dave Harbour …
  7. stage dive
    A Slightly Diminished But Still Captivating MerchantIn transfiguring his near-perfect Shakespeare in the Park production of The Merchant of Venice for Broadway, director Daniel Sullivan has taken no big gambles, just a bunch of small ones. Some pay off richly; others go bust.
  8. the industry
    Industry: Pacino and Sarandon in Finance Thriller ArbitragePlus: Brad Pitt to play a mob enforcer?
  9. quote machine
    Quote MachinePlus: Justin Bieber wants to set the record straight.
  10. casting couch
    Al Pacino to Play Phil Spector for HBOIn a movie written and directed by David Mamet.
  11. casting couch
    Pacino, De Niro, Pesci, and Scorsese Possibly Making a Movie TogetherA mob movie called ‘The Irishman.’
  12. See all the Emmy Red Carpet LooksEveryone who’s anyone, and anyone who’s dressed.
  13. broadway
    Merchant of Venice Starring Al Pacino Moves to BroadwayStarting in October.
  14. research
    Pacino Studies for Upcoming Shylock Role in Borough ParkActor attends services, dines with a community member.
  15. chat room
    Barry Levinson on You Don’t Know JackThe director talks about America’s changing tastes, why it’s hard to get a film in theaters, and working with a young David Simon.
  16. close reading
    You Don’t Know Jack Poster Suggests You Do Know JackAnd he is a bad guy.
  17. party lines
    Sarandon at You Don’t Know Jack Premiere“Everything makes me contemplate death more. Because I’m old.”
  18. the industry
    Wiig Lands First Leading RolePlus: Doug Liman to direct Geoffrey Fletcher script.
  19. the industry
    Al Pacino to Fall for a Younger WomanPlus: Showtime and HBO battle for the Vanderbilts.
  20. theater
    Jew — Ahh!Al Pacino will play Shylock in Shakespeare in the Park’s 2010 production of ‘The Merchant of Venice.’
  21. the industry
    Al Pacino to Kill, RighteouslyPlus: HBO gets ‘Hung. ’
  22. the industry
    Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz, and Robert Pattinson Party Like It’s 1859Plus: Nicole Kidman bounces on Woody Allen; Sarah Palin’s book deal.
  23. the industry
    Buttering Up Jennifer GarnerPlus: Horse soldiers! No, not what you think.
  24. the industry
    Steven Soderbergh and Brad Pitt Take Themselves Out to the Ball GamePlus: Jason Bateman switches semen!
  25. the industry
    The Hold Steady Prep Their Very Own Rock DocPlus, Pacino does Shakespeare.
  26. in the magazine
    Spike Lee on Why He’ll Win an Oscar in 2025Spike on how the Academy gives out awards “like the makeup call in basketball.”
  27. trailer mix
    ‘Righteous Kill’ Trailer: Have 50 Cent’s Acting Lessons Gone to Waste?In this second, brand-new trailer for Kill, great pains were obviously expended to make sure we see as little of 50’s acting as possible.
  28. the early-evening news
    Nicole Kidman’s Cover BlownPlus: New Kanye video!
  29. trailer mix
    ‘Righteous Kill’ Trailer: Robert De Niro and Al Pacino Make Faces at Each OtherWelcome to the De Niro–Pacino all-you-can-eat scenery buffet!
  30. beef
    Francis Ford Coppola Takes On Pacino, De Niro, NicholsonWho has the highest Paycheck Ratio?
  31. vulture lists
    10 Greatest Pop-Culture Devils of All TimeWhere does your favorite Satan land on the list?
  32. the industry
    James Frey Writing Fiction AgainPlus industry news on Ricky Gervais, Al Pacino, and John Woo.
  33. the industry
    Justin Timberlake to Bring Hockey BackModels, death races, etc.!
  34. the industry
    Spike Lee to Attend Theater for First Time in YearsSpike Lee will direct a re-mounting of World War II comedy-drama-mystery Stalag 17 on Broadway, produced by play’s original producer, Michael Abbott. Lee has never directed for the stage and, according to the NYT, can’t remember the last play he attended.
  35. quote machine
    Jon Stewart in Understandable Awe of Angelina Jolie
  36. quote machine
    George Clooney Looks Out for the Little Guy
  37. the industry
    Batten Down the Scenery: De Niro, Pacino Back Together