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  1. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert’s Handy Trick to Destroy EmbarrassmentIt involves squirrel poop.
  2. #metoo
    Alan Alda Says He’d Work With Woody Allen Again: ‘I Don’t Know All the Facts’He also says Louis C.K. “did a terrible thing.”
  3. national treasures
    Alan Alda, America’s Grandpa, Cheerfully Reveals His Parkinson’s DiagnosisWhile juggling!
  4. check up
    Lots of TV Doctors United to Cure What Ails YouTurk! Cuddy! Dr. John Carter!
  5. casting
    How Louis C.K. Found His Uncle PeteC.K. returned to WTF.
  6. louis c.k.
    Louis C.K. on His Plans for Horace and PeteUnlike the first episode, which cost $5 to view, the second will be available for $2. Future episodes will be available for $3. 
  7. trailer mix
    See Trailer for Nicolas Sparks’s Cowboy RomanceOf course there are flashbacks.
  8. movies
    Alan Alda to Star in Nicholas Sparks Adaptation The Longest RideFrom the writing and producing team behind The Fault in Our Stars.
  9. Bill Hader Discusses Next Year’s ‘SNL’ Goals: More Alan Alda, Less StefonBill Hader is returning to SNL next season as a sort of conquering king coming back to his castle. So, does he have anything big planned for […]
  10. wainy days
    Watch the New Episode of ‘Wainy Days’And your Paul Rudd fantasy just, er … came to life. ::Sigh::
  11. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Karmin Rapped Busta RhymesPlus: Some funny banter with Stephen Colbert and Alan Alda, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  12. wanderlust
    Watch Another Clip From WanderlustEveryone you love — at a picnic bench!
  13. the industry
    Industry: Darren Aronofsky Plans a Robocop-esque FeaturePlus: Matthew Broderick and Casey Afflect join ‘Tower Heist.’
  14. the industry
    Roundup: Malcolm Gladwell, Mark Wahlberg Sell Spy Drama To HBOPlus: Sandra Bullock re-ups with the director of The Proposal
  15. the industry
    Industry: Neil Patrick Harris Takes Over for David O. RussellNeil Patrick Harris will step into the shoes of David O. Russell and make his directorial debut.
  16. the industry
    Tom Hanks May Team With Kathryn BigelowPlus: Pink and Kevin Bacon both executive producing the same project.
  17. chat room
    Alan Alda on His Career in ScienceIn town to co-chair the World Science Festival, Alda raps with Vulture on his knowledge of insects and surgery.
  18. the industry
    Julie Andrews Is Coming for Your TeethPlus: Five more sign up for ‘Howl’!
  19. the industry
    The Coens Will Translate Michael Chabon’s ‘Yiddish’ for RudinPlus industry news on Avril Lavigne, Matthew Broderick, and Thomas Jane.
  20. apropos of nothing
    Time-Waster of the Day: TwitterLit