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  1. viewing guide
    From Masked Avengers to Space Squids: A Short History of the Watchmen UniverseA guide to the key players from the landmark graphic novel, and the impact they could have on HBO’s new “remix” series.
  2. tv review
    Watchmen’s Extremist Superhero Dystopia Succeeds on Sheer NerveDamon Lindelof’s follow-up series extends the landmark comic’s complex politics into an alternate present riven by racism and class anxiety.
  3. Alan Moore on Jerusalem and Superhero Stupidity The man who changed comics tries to do the same for the novel.
  4. the industy
    Hallelujah, Zack Snyder Is Trying to Make a Watchmen TV Show With HBOTwo riders were approaching, and the wind began to howl.
  5. dreams do come true
    Grant Morrison’s Lost Miracleman Comic Is ComingFirst new Miracleman stories in 20 years!
  6. lost masterworks
    Alan Moore’s Lost Comic Miracleman Has ReturnedIt’s the greatest comic you’ve never read.
  7. secret geekery
    Was There a Hidden Comic Book Homage in the True Detective Finale?It involves a gigantic space-traveling horse.
  8. pick up lines
    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Pilot Coming to FoxAlan Moore won’t be involved.
  9. homages
    Alan Moore’s Not Much of a Harry Potter FanThe new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has a Potter-like Antichrist.
  10. comic books
    Watchmen Prequels Are Actually HappeningAlan Moore is not happy.
  11. Comics Beef: Frank Miller, Alan Moore Duke It Out Over Occupy Wall StreetWords like louts, rapists, misogny, and homophobic are used.
  12. protests
    V for Vendetta Author Finds Use of Guy Fawkes Masks ‘Peculiar’And he’s not a big Time Warner fan.
  13. quote machine
    You’ll Have to Try Harder Than That to Secretly Record Jessica SzohrPlus: Sofia Vergara on freaky-looking people.
  14. quote machine
    Justin Bieber to Blame for Next Detox DelayPlus: ‘Son of Scarface’ possibly coming soon.
  15. bummers
    Alan Moore Quits Damon Albarn OperaBoo.
  16. books
    Watch Alan Moore Read an Excerpt From His New Project, UnearthingYou can stare at his mouth.
  17. books
    Hear Alan Moore Read an Excerpt From His Upcoming UnearthingThe famous graphic novelist’s latest project is kind of a weird one.
  18. books
    Fake Alan Moore Talks Watchmen, Eats PageThe vegetarian magician anarchist emerges to discuss his beloved graphic novel.
  19. sequels
    Watchmen Sequels, Prequels to Possibly ExistAlan Moore will be thrilled.
  20. wangs
    Behold, Doctor Manhattan’s Wang!NSFW, obviously!
  21. backlash
    Watchmen Backlash — Against the Book!“‘Watchmen’ wasn’t unfilmable, it was unreadable.”
  22. alan moore
    This Is What Alan Moore Says Before Launching Into a Tirade About Superheroes These Days“I have to say that I haven’t seen a comic, much less a superhero comic, for a very, very long time now.”
  23. wangs
    Outrage: Watchmen Movie’s Doctor Manhattan to Have Large Penis“Massive and circumcised.”
  24. backlash
    What’s the Matter With Watchmen?What will be the movie’s growly Batman voice?
  25. trailer mix
    ‘Watchmen’ Trailer: Rorschach Speaks!Commence nerdgasm.
  26. chat room
    ‘Watchmen’ Illustrator Dave Gibbons on His New Book, the ‘Watchmen’ Movie, and Why You Won’t Even Notice That Doctor Manhattan Is Naked’You’re not looking really at a naked man; you’re looking at a model of a naked man. I know that’s a rather fine distinction.’
  27. wangs
    New ‘Watchmen’ Footage Leaves Nothing to the ImaginationDon’t worry: Doctor Manhattan will be pantsless.
  28. countdown
    Fanboys, Federal Judge Adore Early ‘Watchmen’ FootageA 30-minute screening has critics doing the happy dance.
  29. tube junkie
    New Alan Moore Documentary Spills the Details on His Writing Process, Most Recent SandwichOn September 30, ‘The Mindscape of Alan Moore’ is released on DVD, featuring an in-depth look at one of the most brilliant comic writers ever.
  30. tube junkie
    Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman, and Daniel Clowes Crack Wise on ‘The Simpsons’Alternative comics legends Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman, and Daniel Clowes turned up in Sunday night’s episode of The Simpsons, forcing millions of viewers to nod along and not quite get a pretty hilarious joke about “Watchmen Babies.”
  31. apropos of nothing
    The Comic-Book Wedding to End All Comic-Book Weddings
  32. overnights
    ‘Heroes’: You Will Watch the Watchmen