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Alan Partridge

  1. Looking Back at Alan Partridge’s First Show: 25 Years of Alan Partridge […]There is a chance, especially if you are living in America, that you may not know who Alan Partridge is. Played by Steve Coogan, Partridge is […]
  2. Steve Coogan Will Return to BBC with a New Alan Partridge Series and 25th […]Steve Coogan’s Alan Partidge is returning to the BBC with two new television projects. Deadline reports that BBC Two will air a one-hour Alan […]
  3. Here’s a Sneak Peek from Seeso’s Upcoming Special ‘Alan Partridge’s […]Last month, Seeso announced a new special from Steve Coogan called Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle, and today the streaming network released a […]
  4. Seeso Orders ‘Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle’ and ‘Andy Richter’s Home […]Seeso just announced two new specials from Steve Coogan and Andy Richter slated to premiere before the holidays. The streaming network […]
  5. Digging Up the Roots of News Satire with ‘On the Hour’ There have been many articles I’ve written for this series where I assumed that I was probably introducing a significant portion of my […]
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    Watch Steve Coogan’s Return As Alan PartridgeThe king of stammering and awkward pauses — in yo face, Ricky Gervais — is back with Mid Morning Matters.
  7. Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge May Be Returning to TVSteve Coogan’s production company is recutting a series of web shorts featuring character Alan Partridge into a real-deal TV show. The […]