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Alan Rickman

  1. superlatives
    Sharleen Spiteri on the Best of Texas and Worst of the Music Industry“It’s easy to be famous. It’s not easy to leave a legacy.”
  2. dear (alan rickman’s) diary
    25 Years of Alan Rickman’s Diaries Will Be Published As a BookOh, don’t worry! He wanted them to be.
  3. harry potter
    Alan Rickman Had Some Very Alan Rickman Frustrations With Playing SnapeToo much “teen audience appeal,” not enough dark complexity.
  4. necessary sequels
    What You Won’t Be Seeing in the Love Actually Sequel“Dealing with Alan is very complicated.”
  5. r.i.p.
    Fans Honor Rickman at Platform 9 3/4, UniversalSomeone placed a lone lily outside the potions classroom.
  6. tributes
    David Edelstein on Alan Rickman, an Actor Whose Words Carried Uncommon WeightThe glints — or sudden floods — of vulnerability weren’t the best parts of Rickman’s performances, but they were what most of them built toward.
  7. that voice
    Remembering Alan Rickman’s Greatest Screen RolesMoviegoers were sure they’d seen Rickman before he turned up in Die Hard; character actors with his kind of presence rarely just spontaneously appear.
  8. tributes
    Harry Potter Stars Pay Tribute to Alan Rickman“As an actor he was one of the first of the adults on Potter to treat me like a peer rather than a child.”
  9. tribute
    As Hans Gruber in Die Hard, Alan Rickman Redefined Action MoviesHans Gruber redefined action-film villainy.
  10. tributes
    J.K Rowling Is ‘Shocked and Devastated’ Over Alan Rickman’s Death“We have all lost a great talent.”
  11. obits
    Alan Rickman Dead at 69He died in London “surrounded by family and friends.”
  12. trailer mix
    Kate Winslet Puts the Period Garb Back on for A Little Chaos TrailerA romantic costume drama about gardening.
  13. love triangles involving alan rickman
    A Promise Trailer Features an Alan Rickman Love TriangleEverything unrequited all the time.
  14. vulture lists
    Ranking the Presidents and First Ladies in The ButlerWho was best: John Cusack’s Nixon? Jane Fonda’s Nancy Reagan? James Marsden’s JFK?
  15. trailer mix
    CBGB Trailer: Alan Rickman Will Rock YouFeaturing original music from the Talking Heads, the Police, and tons more.
  16. scene stealers
    10 Die Hard Tidbits We Learned From Its Biggest Scene-StealersTopics discussed: Road House, Demi Moore, Alan Rickman’s accent, Twinkies, “The quarterback is toast!” and more.
  17. clickables
    See a Poster for CBGB, Starring Alan Rickman and Rupert GrintRickman looks amazing.
  18. casting couch
    Alan Rickman Will Play CBGB Owner Hilly KristalIn what’s either a biopic of the man, the venue, or both.
  19. alan rickman
    Watch ‘Epic Tea Time With Alan Rickman’We haven’t the foggiest, but drink up!
  20. casting
    Alan Rickman to Play Ronald ReaganIn the new Lee Daniels film, which Matthew McConaughey is also joining.
  21. stage dive
    Theater Review: Writing About Seminar’s Writing About WritingWith Alan Rickman as a sneering, graybeard novelist.
  22. art
    The Stars Are Emoting in Super-Slow Motion in Lincoln CenterAlan Rickman, Lili Taylor, and more are projected in David Michalek’s eerily slowed-down video vignettes.
  23. stage dive
    Stage Dive: Fiona Shaw and Alan Rickman Rip Into IbsenAnd who doesn’t want to see that? Ibsen’s nasty John Gabriel Borkman is at its black-comic best when these two bite into it.
  24. quote machine
    My Morning Jacket’s Jim James Explains His Kermit-Like Singing VoicePlus: Ron Perlman to make ‘Hellboy 3’ from inside iron lung.
  25. quote machine
    Guillermo Del Toro Has a Richer-Than-Usual Fantasy LifePlus quotes from Alan Rickman, Jake Kasdan, and Chaka Khan.