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Alan Ruck

  1. movie review
    Freaky Is the Sweetest Body-Swap Slasher Comedy You’ll See This YearThe new film from Vince Vaughn and Kathryn Newton is clever about horror conventions, but its biggest surprise is its streak of sincerity.
  2. ‘The Edge’: The Talent-Stacked ’90s Sketch Show That Time ForgotThe Edge, a weekly sketch show, premiered on Fox over twenty years ago, back in 1992. It only lasted for a single 18 episode season and no one […]
  3. quote machine
    Jason Bateman Beat Drugs, But What of His Ketchup Addiction?Plus: Def Leppard is more than happy to sell out.
  4. labor unrest
    Vote ‘Yes’ on Actors’ Strike, Urge Actors Who Haven’t Worked in YearsWho could blame them? Picket lines are great for networking!
  5. trailer mix
    ‘The Happening’ Trailer: Is M. Night Shyamalan Committing Box-Office Suicide?Is there any reason to believe that sitting through The Happening won’t make us want to kill ourselves? Doubtful, since it’s actually about a global epidemic that causes all those it infects to want to kill themselves.