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Alena Smith

  1. 25 days of cats
    The Plot of Cats: A Lesson in Garbage and CraftDickinson creator Alena Smith reflects on what the inscrutable tale of a junkyard filled with cats can teach us about storytelling.
  2. history lesson
    Emily Dickinson Didn’t Really Get High on Opium at a House Party, Right?It’s doubtful, but we asked a Dickinson scholar just to be sure.
  3. wild nights
    The Story Behind Dickinson, a Sexy, Queer, Gothic, Millennial Apple TV+ SitcomSexy Dickinson, explained.
  4. the newsroom
    Sorkin Responds to Newsroom Writer’s Tweets He’s glad the episode “catalyzed some passionate debate.”
  5. tv
    Newsroom Writer Says She Was ‘Kicked Out of the Room’ Over Rape SubplotAlena Smith tweeted that she was pushing to skip the story line.