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Alessandra Stanley

  1. media gossip
    TV Fans Won’t Have Alessandra Stanley to Kick Around AnymoreNow she’ll be a reporter.
  2. from the department of not getting it
    Alessandra Stanley Issued a Non-Apology“I so often write arch, provocative ledes that are then undercut or mitigated by the paragraphs that follow.”
  3. shondaland
    3 NYT Editors Approved Rhimes Article [Updated]“The readers and commentators are correct to protest this story,” says public editor Margaret Sullivan.
  4. twitterverse
    Celebrities Respond to NYT’s Shonda Rhimes PieceAlessandra Stanley seems to be the only person who thinks Rhimes is an “angry black woman.” 
  5. tv
    Shonda Rhimes Is Not ‘an Angry Black Woman,’ NYTYeesh.
  6. weighty matters
    Women on TV Now Allowed to Have Regular Bodies, Deems New York TimesIn pointing out the wonder of Mindy Kaling and Lena Dunham’s physiques, an article unintentionally underlines the bigger issue.
  7. mad men
    Matthew Weiner Furious About Mad Men Spoiler He May Have Already SpoiledHe was “shocked — really shocked” by Alessandra Stanley’s spoiler-filled review.
  8. ranters and ravers
    Alessandra Stanley’s Daughter Summarizes Alessandra StanleyWhat does Alessandra Stanley watch as a palate cleanser?