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Alex Kurtzman

  1. tca press tour
    Star Trek: Discovery Writers to Reboot The Man Who Fell to EarthIt was a David Bowie movie, now it’ll be a CBS All Access TV show.
  2. star trek
    Why Star Trek: Discovery’s New Showrunner Made Big Changes in Season TwoBald Klingons are out, and Twilight Zone–inspired story lines are in.
  3. sdcc 2018
    The Return of Star Trek: Discovery Will Be Preceded by Four Short FilmsThey will start streaming before the second season airs next year.
  4. hirings and firings
    Star Trek: Discovery Fires Showrunners After Complaints of Verbal AbuseAmid reports of ballooning budgets.
  5. remakes
    Jake Johnson Joins Universal’s Mummy RemakeHe’ll co-star with Tom Cruise.
  6. the industry
    A New Star Trek Series Has Been Ordered at CBSAlex Kurtman is attached to produce.
  7. directors chair
    Star Trek Writer Roberto Orci Pushing to Direct Third MovieJ.J. Abrams wants him.
  8. writers writing
    Star Trek Writer Duo Probably Sticking AroundThird time’s the charm.
  9. pick up lines
    Pilot News: MacFarlane’s New Show, Kinnear on TVPlus Sleepy Hollow, Girlfriend in a Coma, and tons more.
  10. in development
    Report: Joe Hill’s Locke & Key Becoming a Film TrilogyFrom Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, who wrote the abandoned Fox pilot.
  11. reboots
    Tom Cruise Will Star in the Van Helsing RebootFinally, a movie with vampires in it.
  12. the industry
    Why Did Hollywood’s Youngest Mogul Cool on Two of the Town’s Hottest Screenwriters?Billionaire David Ellison rethought making Transformers/Star Trek scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci his own personal Bruckheimer.
  13. casting
    Elizabeth Banks Nabs Lead in Welcome to PeopleHilary Swank wanted it and Amy Adams regretfully turned it down.
  14. the industry
    Chris Pine May Star in Welcome to PeoplePlus: Captain Sully sells the film rights to his memoir.
  15. pilots
    Fox Orders Another Pilot From Kurtzman and OrciAlex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci’s ‘Exit Strategy’ gets picked up by Fox.
  16. exclusive
    Alex Kurtzman Directs First Movie, For SpielbergThe man who co-wrote ‘Transformers’ and ‘Star Trek’ will actually be doing a small drama, ‘Welcome to People.’
  17. the industry
    Hawaii Five-O 2.0Plus: Parker Posey! Bradley Whitford! Opposite Day!
  18. more than meets the eye
    Writers of Transformers 2 Distance Themselves From Robot-Racism Claims, Pin Blame on Michael BayThey claim that the controversial gold tooth was not in their script.
  19. freaks and geeks
    J.J. Abrams Wants to Assure You That His Star Trek Is Not Just for NerdsTurns out he hated ‘Star Trek’ just as much as you did.
  20. the industry
    George Clooney: LazyPlus: Industry news about J.J. Abrams and Nirvana!
  21. the industry
    R. Kelly to Be Closer to Your House SoonPlus: News about J.J. Abrams and George Wendt!