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  1. Downsizing Is a Boldly Executed Sci-Fi That Trips Over Its Own ModestyHong Chau is a stand-out in Alexander Payne’s willfully weird economic parable.
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    Alexander Payne Is Supersizing His Artistic Ambitions With a Very Tiny ComedyWith Downsizing, the director mines the comedy in the microscopic.
  3. Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig Literally Shrink Themselves in the Downsizing TrailerPremiering this December.
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    Downsizing Trailer: Why Shrink Your Lifestyle When You Can Shrink Your Body?Matt Damon and Christoph Waltz take the plunge.
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    Be Excited: Matt Damon and Alexander Payne Are Making a Movie TogetherDownsizing.
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    Best Director: Can We Confidently Predict a Split?Director/Picture splits are awfully rare, but can anything stop Alfonso Cuarón?
  7. Talking to Will Forte About ‘Nebraska’, ‘MacGruber 2’, and Never-Aired […]Will Forte is a busy man. Upon leaving SNL in 2010, he starred in MacGruber, a film that received mixed reviews but is nonetheless considered a […]
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    Edelstein: There’s a Gnarled Grace to Alexander Payne’s NebraskaStarring Bruce Dern as a man who believes he’s won a million dollars.
  9. Alexander Payne Likes That Comedians Don’t ‘Wallow in Heavy-osity’“”I’ve found that in the past I’m often drawn to people with good comic timing to perform in dramatic parts,” the director said. “Because […]
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    Bruce Dern on Nebraska, the Part He’s Waited 77 Years ForThe perpetual supporting man gets his star turn.
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    Nebraska Trailer: Will Forte’s Driving Mr. DernIt’s in black and/or white.
  12. Watch the Trailer for Will Forte’s Dramatic Debut in Alexander Payne’s […] Here’s the brand new trailer for Nebraska, director Alexander Payne’s upcoming movie that stars Will Forte in his dramatic debut. Forte stars […]
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    Cannes: Why Alexander Payne Shot Nebraska in B&WThe film stars Bruce Dern and Will Forte.
  14. Watch Will Forte Get Dramatic in a Clip from Alexander Payne’s ‘Nebraska’ Saturday Night Live alum Will Forte is set to take a rare dramatic turn in Nebraska, a new movie directed by Oscar-winner Alexander Payne […]
  15. Will Forte Hopefully to Work with Alexander Payne; Bring the PainAlexander Payne, writer/director of such minor (not minor at all) films as The Descendants, Sideways, and Election, wants Will Forte to star in […]
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    Alexander Payne on The Descendants, the Contraception Battle, and the Japanese Sideways“Oh, God, it’s unwatchable.”
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    Paramount Demands a Budget Cut and a Big Star for Alexander Payne’s Black-and-White MovieTo win the right to block color from ‘Nebraska,’ he slices his $20 million budget nearly in half.
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    See George Clooney in the Poster for The DescendantsIt’s the new movie from Alexander Payne.
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    See George Clooney in a Clip From The DescendantsIt’s the newest film from Alexander Payne, and it involves a lot of running.
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    Alexander Payne Is Making Another Road-Trip MovieIt’s called ‘Nebraska.’
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    Bobby Fischer Pawned by David FincherPlus: Mary Steenburgen to have obnoxious kids.
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    Owen Wilson Is a DogPlus: Jim Belushi! Gordon Ramsay! A Canadian kid!
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    Jonah Hill Knows The Best ThingPlus: a Hank Williams biopic.
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    Ed Helms to Make Iowa Cool AgainPlus: Somebody finally cuts Spielberg a break.
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    Sacha Baron Cohen, Reese Witherspoon, and Paul Giamatti Get SmallPlus, Chuck Lorre’s shows to remain on TV forever.
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    Barry Sonnenfeld to Save World From Aliens AgainPlus: What’s Christopher Lloyd up to these days?
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    Samuel L. Jackson to Star in Basically ‘Torture: The Movie’Plus: Alexander Payne’s next movie, and the big names behind ‘Bioshock.’
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    A Peek at the Movie ‘Chuck & Larry’ Could Have BeenThe finished version of I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry bears little resemblance to the script credited writers Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor turned in several years ago.
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    Did Joshua Ferris’s Novel Sell to HBO?