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  1. obits
    ALF Star Max Wright Has Passed AwayHe also appeared in Cheers, Friends, and The Drew Carey Show.
  2. reboots
    Like ALF Himself, the ALF Reboot Is Probably DeadFor now, he’ll remain up in Alien Heaven, eating all of God’s cats.
  3. reboots
    There’s Reportedly an ALF Reboot Series in DevelopmentWill he still eat cats in the 21st century?
  4. obits
    Michu Meszaros, the Man Inside Alf, Reportedly Dead at 76The Hungarian circus performer was once billed as “The Shortest Man on Earth.”
  5. vulture remix
    Watch Alf Sing Weezer’s ‘Do You Wanna Get High?’It’s our latest Vulture Remix.
  6. The Complete Guide to Everything: Christmas ShoppingThis week, while other podcasts are taking the week off, we are giving invaluable advice regarding last minute Christmas shopping. Tom in […]
  7. Watch Chris Gethard’s Audition Tape for the ‘Alf’ Movie Ever since an Alf move was announced last year, comedian Chris Gethard has been campaigning for a part in the film. Here’s a new audition tape […]
  8. strange bedfellows
    Johnny Depp, ALF Fan“What’s it all about, ALF?”
  9. the comedy undercards
    Comedy Undercard: ALF vs. DinosaursWhich puppet will reign supreme?
  10. Watch Chris Gethard and Bobby Moynihan Write the ‘Alf’ Movie Here’s comedian Chris Gethard’s latest video as part of IFC’s Adopt-A-Comic series, in which he and old friend Bobby Moynihan (SNL) work […]
  11. extraterrestrial life
    A Brief Overview of Sitcom Aliens and What They Say About the U.S.America loves an alien show, apparently.
  12. They’re Making an ‘ALF’ Movie Because…?What did you expect, Hollywood not to make an ALF movie? Sony has acquired the rights and is developing it to be a part CG-part live action […]
  13. yup
    An ALF Movie Is in DevelopmentIt will mix live action and CG.
  14. 80s nostalgia
    The Alf Guy Wants to Make an Alf MovieHold on to your cats.
  15. holidaze
    See 40 TV Christmas Moments in Two MinutesGet a speed round of holiday wishes from 30 Rock, 3rd Rock From the Sun, Urkel, Cindy Brady, Murder She Wrote
  16. childhood's end
    Alf Producer on Racist Comments Controversy: ‘Lighten Up’“You’re talking about 20 years ago when the world was not so ridiculously PC.”
  17. clickables
    Watch Seven Minutes of Very Inappropriate Alf OuttakesNSFW, if your workplace frowns on puppets doing drugs.
  18. reboots
    What If Alf Had Been Directed by David Lynch?One YouTube user asked himself that very same question.
  19. kitsch
    A Betamax Xmas Will Serve All Your Retro Kitschy Holiday NeedsBecause, really, who has the time to surf YouTube to find all this stuff?