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  1. award season
    HBO Will ‘Help Out’ Game of Thrones Actors Who Had to Self-Nominate for EmmysDoing the minimum.
  2. san diego comic con 2017
    Alfie Allen Brought the World’s Cutest Puppy Onstage at Comic-ConThis year’s Game of Thrones panel featured a very special, very adorable guest.
  3. trailer mix
    Here’s Your Next Sexy British Historical DramaWith Alfie Allen and Angela Bassett!
  4. last night on late night
    Relax: Ramsay and Reek Are Buds IRL, and Here’s a Smooch to Prove ItPals.
  5. emmys 2015
    These GOT Cast Members Won the Emmys Red CarpetAll men must hug.
  6. chat room
    GOT’s Alfie Allen on If Theon Will Ever Return“I can’t really put a figure on how much Theon is left.”
  7. How All the Game of Thrones Cast Members Spent Their Summer VacationsProduction on the fifth season is now in full swing.
  8. chat room
    Alfie Allen on Theon, Reek, and Ramsay SnowThe actor who plays Theon Greyjoy/Reek called us as he was shopping for pillowcases.
  9. double incest
    Lily Allen Turned Down a Game of Thrones CameoBecause of double incest.
  10. party chat
    How 15 Game of Thrones Actors Would Have Killed … That One PersonIdeas include smothering, beheading, dehydrating, poisoning, impaling, hugging, and oversexing.
  11. keep it like a secret
    How Game of Thrones Cast Members Handle Spoilers“I can’t tell you!” and other techniques the cast members use when asked to confirm story lines.
  12. party chat
    GoT’s Alfie Allen Is Inspired by Reservoir Dogs“That was a brilliant piece of torture acting.”
  13. chat room
    George R.R. Martin Is a Lily Allen Fan“He became a fan of hers during the auditions.”