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Alfred Hitchcock

  1. vulture lists
    The 50 Best Spy Movies of All TimeFrom Hitchcock to Bourne, and beyond.
  2. oscars 2019
    From ‘Thank You’ to ‘You Like Me’: We Pick the Oscars’ Most Memorable SpeechesIn a sea of generally pleasant, but rarely memorable speeches, the ones that stand out really stand out.
  3. vulture lists
    Search Party’s 13 Biggest Pop-Culture InfluencesThe major cultural landmarks that shaped Dory and the gang, from Alfred Hitchcock to The Comeback.
  4. vulture lists
    I. Marlene King on the 12 Things That Influenced Pretty Little Liars“Hitchcock has really influenced the show, up to the point where we would have directors re-create scenes.”
  5. controversies
    Tippi Hedren Claims Hitchcock Assaulted HerAs detailed in her new memoir, Tippi.
  6. how hitchcockian
    No MacGuffins Here: An Alfred Hitchcock Anthology Series Is in the WorksWelcome to Hitchcock … literally.
  7. movie reviews
    Hitchcock/Truffaut Is Brisk and InsightfulFilmmakers really make the best critics.
  8. Stanley Kubrick Stalks Jimmy Stewart in This Brilliant Short FilmHeeeeeeere’s Stanley!
  9. all in the family
    Jamie Lee Curtis Re-created Psycho Shower SceneLike mother, like daughter.
  10. remakes
    Fincher & Affleck to Remake Strangers on a TrainAs Strangers. (But they are on a plane!)
  11. mashups
    Soderbergh Edited 2 Versions of Psycho Into 1Because he can, because he’s Steven Soderbergh.
  12. obits
    Actress Joan Fontaine Passes Away at 96Having won the Best Actress Oscar for Hitchcock’s Suspicion.
  13. Thoughts on Norman Bates and Psycho’s 4 SequelsTwenty thoughts on the Psycho franchise.
  14. chat room
    Anthony Hopkins on Hitchcock and Oscar Buzz“You got to be intense and cry and gnash your teeth together to win an Oscar.”
  15. last night on late night
    The Happiest Interview With Poehler and FallonPlus: Joseph Gordon Levitt received texts from Abraham Lincoln, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  16. party chat
    Can Vulture Spot All the Hitchcock References in Hitchcock? The director challenges us to try. Game on.
  17. last night on late night
    Honey Boo-Boo Caused Jennifer Lawrence’s CrashPlus: Eric Stonestreet was not drunk at the AMAs, well, errr, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  18. psycho
    Watch a Tribute to Psycho Using Paper CraftsCute or scary?
  19. tv review
    Seitz: Imagine If a Woman Had Directed the Evil-Hitchcock Biopic The GirlIn this movie about the making of The Birds, the Master of Suspense is a bad, bad man.
  20. trailer park
    See How Psycho Was Made in the Hitchcock TrailerAnthony Hopkins + a second chin = Alfred Hitchcock.
  21. trailer mix
    The Girl Trailer: Hitchcock, Hedren, HorrorExposés! They are scary, too.
  22. clickables
    Watch Toby Jones Play Alfred Hitchcock in HBO’s Teaser For The GirlIn which he menaces Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren.
  23. alfred hitchcock
    See Another Picture of Sir Anthony Hopkins As Alfred HitchcockSpot-on, down to the chinny-chin-chin.
  24. vertigo
    Vertigo Music With Dark Knight FootageHitchcock: always watching.
  25. hitchcock
    See Anthony Hopkins As Alfred HitchcockRight on the nose. Or, in this case, the chin(s).
  26. alfred hitchcock
    Watch a Single-Shot Edit of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear WindowLook at all the tiny people!
  27. clickables
    See Sienna Miller As Tippi Hedren in a New Hitchcock MovieIn The Girl, Miller plays Hedren to Toby Jones’s obsessed Alfred Hitchcock.
  28. casting couch
    Scarlett Johansson Cast in Alfred Hitchcock BiopicAlso starring — awesome alert — Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren.
  29. unnecessary remakes
    Suspicion Is This Week’s Alfred Hitchcock AdaptationWritten by The Killing showrunner Veena Sud.
  30. unnecessary remakes
    DreamWorks Is Remaking Alfred Hitchcock’s RebeccaFinally!
  31. the artist
    See Star Wars Set to the Soundtrack From VertigoHan Solo meets Hitchcock in a cinematic/musical meeting of the minds (and ears).
  32. Sienna Miller to Play Tippi Hedren in Hitchcock ExposéIt’s a film about the director’s destructive obsession with Hedren.
  33. discoveries
    Hitchcock’s First Film Found Within ‘Highly Unstable Nitrate Material’Criterion Collection licks its lips.
  34. clickables
    Watch James Brown Ask Alfred Hitchcock About His Movie HomicidalOh, James.
  35. the industry
    Anthony Hopkins Circling Hitchcock BiopicWith the director of ‘Anvil’ and the screenwriter from ‘Black Swan.’
  36. how hitchcockian
    BFI Hunts for the Film Hitchcock Never Wanted You to SeeHe called it “awful,” and now we’re dying to see it.
  37. movies
    Watch Alfred Hitchcock Make a ‘That’s What She Said’ JokeBack then it was known as an “as the girl said” joke.
  38. movies
    Check Out Buried’s Hitchcockian New PosterA ‘Vertigo’-channeling masterpiece.
  39. the hobbit
    Guillermo Del Toro Cast Himself in The HobbitHe’ll play one of the monsters, which is only fair because he designed them.
  40. Owners of ‘Rear Window’ Source Material Finally Bring Themselves to Watch ‘Disturbia,’ SueThe owners of the rights to the story on which ‘Window’ is based are finally suing the makers of ‘Disturbia’ for copyright infringement.
  41. the industry
    Michael Bay Is the Alfred Hitchcock Our Era DeservesAlso: Nas responds to Def Jam in a totally reasonable manner!
  42. the industry
    Spike Lee to Attend Theater for First Time in YearsSpike Lee will direct a re-mounting of World War II comedy-drama-mystery Stalag 17 on Broadway, produced by play’s original producer, Michael Abbott. Lee has never directed for the stage and, according to the NYT, can’t remember the last play he attended.