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Ali Fedotowsky

  1. the bachelorette
    The Bachelorette Finale: Ali Has a HeartRoberto wins and Ali jumps for joy, but not before preemptively dumping Chris. Way to go, Ali!
  2. the bachelorette
    The Bachelorette Gets Rejected, For OnceAli gets rejected by Frank. Boom!
  3. the bachelorette
    The Bachelorette: What’s Up With Evil Canadians?Justin the Entertainment Wrestler is the second villain from Toronto to pop up on the show.
  4. the bachelorette
    The Bachelorette: The Cautionary Tale of the TattooContestant Kasey freaks Ali out with a tattoo, and then is summarily given the boot.
  5. ick
    The Bachelorette Meets ShooterThere’s always one crazy one in the bunch.