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  1. theater
    Alia Shawkat Will Spend 24 Hours Performing One Scene Onstage 100 TimesBAM’s The Second Woman restages a scene from Opening Night, again and again and again.
  2. sundance 2019
    Alia Shawkat’s Quiet Rebellion“I used to have questions about what it meant to be desirable, to be feminine, to be successful … Now, I’m more comfortable being myself.”
  3. movie review
    Ethan Hawke’s Blaze Reconsiders an Unsung Country SongwriterMusician Ben Dickey and Alia Shawkat star in this fuzzy but moving biopic of Blaze Foley.
  4. the industry
    Alia Shawkat Was ‘Upset’ With Herself After That Arrested Development Interview“I, all of a sudden, started to feel hot inside.”
  5. backlash
    David Cross Says He Will ‘Unequivocally Apologize’ to Jessica Walter“I’m sorry that we behaved the way we behaved.”
  6. Duck Butter Is an Almost Overwhelmingly Intimate Romantic ComedyAlia Shawkat stars in and co-wrote this account of a 24-hour relationship.
  7. misconduct
    Alia Shawkat Calls Jeffrey Tambor Misconduct Allegations ‘Sad’ and ‘Strange’“It’s being handled the way it’s being handled.”
  8. podcast review
    Sandra Is a Tech Thriller for the Age of Siri and AlexaBut as a podcast, it’s jarringly incomplete.
  9. Season 2 of ‘Search Party’ Is for the Complicated LiarsNote: Spoilers for the first season follow. Search Party’s first season began over brunch, in Brooklyn. Its core cast, four friends in their […]
  10. Search Party Season-Two Trailer: How to (Maybe) Get Away With MurderSearch Party returns November 19.
  11. Paranoia Takes Over in the Season 2 ‘Search Party’ TrailerTBS’s comedy Search Party returns for its second season this fall, and today the network dropped the first trailer. Renewed back in December […]
  12. tv
    Alia Shawkat: Expect More ‘Penthouse Group Hangs’ in New Arrested Development“It’s always so bizarre and weirder than anything you could think of.”
  13. Tony Hale and Alia Shawkat on Arrested Development’s Comedy LegacyTo this day, Hale’s parents still don’t think it’s funny.
  14. sxsw 2017
    SXSW Artists On How They Got Discovered (and How You Can, Too)“All it takes is one yes to start your career.”
  15. drunk history has its eyes on you
    Your GIF Guide to LMM’s Drunk History EpisodeYou wanna be in the show where it happens?
  16. Watch Some Clips from Tonight’s ‘Drunk History’ Featuring Lin-Manuel […]Tonight’s episode of Drunk History features a drunk Lin-Manuel Miranda narrating stories about Alexander Hamilton’s life, and Comedy Central […]
  17. roll clip!
    Watch a New Clip from Lin-Manuel’s Drunk History“I could give her money or I could f*ck her, and either one would be acceptable.”
  18. the vulture tv podcast
    The Cast of Search Party on Art Post-Election“When I was living in Tennessee, I needed art like this. I needed art about people who are young and living in cities and had friends.”
  19. the vulture tv podcast
    Search Party Is the Perfect Thanksgiving BingeIt feels pretty spiritually tuned in to our turbulent times.
  20. the vulture tv podcast
    Alia Shawkat on How Trump’s Win Connects to Our Culture of Self-Obsession“Why do we feel better when we’re in nature? Why do we feel better when we’re helping other people? It’s a natural, human urge to want to do that.”
  21. Watch the Series Premiere of TBS’s New Comedy ‘Search Party’ Starring Alia […]TBS’s new comedy starring Alia Shawkat Search Party doesn’t premiere on TV until later this month, but like they did with Wyatt Cenac’s People […]
  22. trailer mix
    The Drunk History Season 4 Trailer is HereIt’s a cavalcade of comedy stars.
  23. first looks
    Alia Shawkat and Aubrey Plaza Are Drunk History’s New Hamilton and BurrLin-Manuel Miranda will narrate.
  24. Wyatt Cenac’s ‘People of Earth’ and Alia Shawkat’s ‘Search Party’ Are […]Over the weekend, TBS set the premiere dates for two of its new original comedies slated for this fall. First up is Wyatt Cenac’s People of […]
  25. TBS to Debut Two Sitcoms Over Fall HolidaysWatch the trailers here.
  26. trailer mix
    Watch Adam Green’s Aladdin TrailerThere’s gotta be a plot buried in that trippy set.
  27. Michael Showalter’s ‘Search Party’ Starring Alia Shawkat Is Headed to TBSAlia Shawkat is headed to TBS to star in her own comedy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has given a series order to Search […]
  28. trailer mix
    Watch Kristen Wiig in the Nasty Baby TrailerLet’s make a baby!
  29. Alia Shawkat to Star in a Comedy Series Co-Created by Michael ShowalterArrested Development’s Alia Shawkat is set to star in her own comedy series. According to THR, Shawkat will star in a pilot presentation for […]
  30. tv clips
    The Ilana Glazer–Alia Shawkat Sex Scene You’ve Been Waiting ForYou can never unsee Ilana’s O-face.
  31. Alia Shawkat Gets Some Psychic Post-Murder Advice from Emily HellerHere’s the latest episode of Above Average’s ongoing web series The Future with Emily Heller, in which celebrity guest Alia Shawkat seems to […]
  32. A Look at The Cast of ‘Arrested Development’ On ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ Tonight on Bravo, the case of Arrested Development will sit down with one of their own when they join James Lipton aka Warden Gentles on his […]
  33. And Now the Review of One of the Greatest Comedies of All Time Which Had […]The adjectives “interesting” and “weird” mostly exist to be placeholders for how you actually felt about something you couldn’t completely […]
  34. Watch ‘Arrested Development’s Alia Shawkat Reveal the Plot to a New Episode Netflix puts out this video today of Arrested Development cast member Alia Shawkat revealing the plot to a new episode of the show. Too bad […]
  35. Alia Shawkat Says It’s Nice That People Care About ‘Arrested Development’ […]“The only difference is all of a sudden people care about it and are actually paying attention and are really looking forward to it. And it […]
  36. arrested development
    New Arrested Development to Feature Zero ‘Call Me Maeby’ JokesSo says Alia Shawkat.
  37. Maeby to Avoid Any ‘Call Me Maybe’ Jokes, Maybe“There’s been lots of suggestions for ‘Call Me Maybe’ jokes, but I don’t think they’ll make it in there.” – Alia Shawkat on the one joke we […]
  38. party chat
    Alia Shawkat on the ‘Surreal and Awesome’ Arrested Development Reboot“I still feel like a teenager who’s insecure when I’m on set around all of the funny adults.”
  39. ‘The Oranges’ Is Kind of Like an ‘Arrested Development’ Movie Well, Maeby’s in it and it’s set in a location with “Orange” in the name and, umm, crazy things happen and…if you think of these two […]
  40. hospitality
    See Alia Shawkat (and, Inevitably, Someone You Know) in the Video for Hospitality’s ‘Friends of Friends’Dear reader, there’s a good chance you’ll know someone in this video.
  41. rugrats
    See a Trailer for a Live-Action, Terrifying Rugrats MovieSo long, childhood innocence! It was nice knowing you!
  42. Alia Shawkat Is The Sassy Best Friend In The Brass Teapot, He Loves MeBecause you can’t eat or live inside promises of an Arrested Development movie, Alia Shawkat went ahead and joined the cast of He Loves Me and […]
  43. Andy Samberg, Donald Glover Join In On The Hand JobHollywood has just been killing it recently, hasn’t it? It was confirmed that Andy Samberg and Donald Glover joined the cast The Hand Job, […]
  44. Alia Shawkat Talks About the Weird Persistant Arrested Development FandomHere’s Arrested Development’s Alia Shawkat on the surprising persistance of AD fandom: “Yeah, it’s kind of ridiculous. Not to bash Fox, because […]
  45. choose your own adventure
    A Handy Flowchart to Pick Your Movie Best FriendHow to choose between Christina Applegate, Kathryn Hahn, Judy Greer, Krysten Ritter, and others.
  46. the industry
    Jolie, Aronofsky in Talks to Adapt SerenaPlus: Amber Heard joins Nicolas Cage in ‘Angry.’
  47. quote machine
    Anthony Hopkins Is Maybe Being a Little Dramatic About a Recent Bad Shopping ExperiencePlus: Suri Cruise is “so cool,” says 30-year-old man.
  48. the industry
    Gerard Butler Brings Shakespeare Into the NowPlus: Helen Mirren! The Berenstain Bears! Kirstie Alley!
  49. the industry
    At Last, Ellen Page, Maeby Fünke, and Har Mar Superstar to Write a TV ShowPlus: You’ll never guess where the Phantom of the Opera ended up.
  50. justifications
    Alia Shawkat Attempts to Justify Her Blatant Disregard for the ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ Moratorium“Obviously, it was supposed to be a joke.”
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