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Alice In Chains

  1. essay
    Why the Death of Celebrity Rehab Veteran Mike Starr Makes Laughing at Charlie Sheen HardA writer who observed the heroin-tortured musician during his ‘Rehab’ shoot sees there are predictable consistencies in the behavior of the addicted.
  2. sad news
    Alice in Chains Bassist Mike Starr Found DeadHe was also a cast member on ‘Celebrity Rehab.’
  3. music
    See Alice in Chains’ Spooky New Video, ‘Lesson Learned’It’s a horror factory.
  4. team-ups
    Elton John to Collaborate With Alice in Chains, for Some ReasonFirst he was tricked into being in ‘Brüno,’ and now this.
  5. right-click
    Alice in Chains Returns, Bonds UnbrokenThe black-molasses riffing and anguished singing? The musical equivalent of a familiar old drug high.