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Alice In Wonderland

  1. theater review
    Theater Review: Creepers in Wonderland, in Alice by HeartShe’s late, apparently, for a very important date.
  2. trailer mix
    New Alice Through the Looking Glass TrailerOops.
  3. roll clip!
    The First Alice in Wonderland Sequel TeaserThe movie comes in May, but falling-back happens now.
  4. questionable sequels
    Disney Making an Alice in Wonderland SequelThey’ve got a billion reasons to. (Dollars. The reasons are dollars.)
  5. tv
    NBC Jumps on the Alice in Wonderland BandwagonThe CW and ABC already have adaptations in the works.
  6. in development
    The CW Will Modernize Alice in WonderlandAs Wunderland, where Alice is an L.A. detective.
  7. alice in wonderland
    See an Alice in Wonderland Transit MapAs always, you’ll want to avoid uptown.
  8. lookalikes
    The Rock-Star Inspirations for Johnny Depp’s Characters Revealed!It goes far beyond Keith Richards. Did you know that Willy Wonka is a young George Harrison?
  9. ranters and ravers
    Vulture Critics’ Poll: What’s the Worst Movie of 2010?The definitive survey of terribleness in film, with ballots and commentary from 50 of America’s most prominent critics.
  10. oscars
    Scott Pilgrim Shortlisted for Visual Effects OscarThe Academy has announced the seven titles it will consider for the Visual Effects category.
  11. How to Train Your Dragon Wins Weekend Box Office’Alice’ falls out of first place.
  12. 3-d
    Thanks, Avatar: 3-D Movies Now More ExpensiveNice work, James Cameron.
  13. weekend box office
    Alice Wins the Box Office Yet AgainThe film reigns supreme for the third weekend in a row.
  14. 3-d
    Prepare Yourself for the Great 3-D Movie-Theater ShortageWe’re running out of 3-D screens!
  15. weekend box office
    Alice Holds Top Spot at the Box Office in Second WeekendThe Disney film brought in $62 million after an incredible opening weekend.
  16. chat room
    Crispin Glover on Alice in Wonderland“People don’t really come up to you and say, ‘Oh, I thought you were gonna be really crazy.’”
  17. weekend box office
    Alice Has a Wonderful Weeked at the Box OfficeThe Disney film made a ridiculous $210.3 million around the world.
  18. movies
    Read Pete Wentz’s Alice in Wonderland ReviewDon’t quit your day job, Pete Wentz.
  19. movies
    See Alice in Wonderland’s Amusing MPAA RatingScandalized by caterpillars.
  20. 3-d
    Lantern, Punch Hop On the 3-D BandwagonBecause two dimensions clearly will no longer suffice.
  21. vulture lists
    15 Greatest Actor-Director PairsTim Burton, Johnny Depp, and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspire a list of the top fifteen collaborations of the last 25 years.
  22. chat room
    Michael Sheen Is Not Related to Charlie or MartinThe Welsh actor spoke with Vulture about ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ ‘New Moon,’ and more.
  23. chat room
    Helena Bonham Carter on Terrifying Children“The other day I was asked to play another Victorian serial killer … I said, ‘Oh, is that my type-cast thing now?”
  24. releasewindowpocalypse
    AMC Theaters Cave to DisneyThe country’s second-largest theater chain will show Alice in Wonderland after all.
  25. movies
    Watch Three More New Alice in Wonderland ClipsWith little character profiles of Helena, Johnny, and Anne.
  26. releasewindowpocalypse
    Disney Triumphs Over BritishOdeon, the U.K.’s largest movie-theater chain, has called an end to its boycott of Disney’s ‘Alice in Wonderland.’
  27. movies
    Watch a New Alice in Wonderland ClipMia Wasikowska has no clothes on.
  28. heroes
    Johnny Depp to Promote New Kids’ Movie, Free the West Memphis Three“I firmly believe Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley are totally innocent,” says the star of Disney’s new ‘Alice in Wonderland.’
  29. release windows
    AMC Threatens to Boycott Alice in WonderlandA boycott by the country’s second-largest theater chain would wreak havoc on the movie’s box-office returns.
  30. music
    Watch Avril Lavigne’s ‘Alice’ Music Video, for Alice in WonderlandAvril’s like, “But I want to be in the movie!”
  31. release windows
    No Alice in Wonderland for the DutchForeign movie-theater owners, upset over Disney’s shrunken release window for the film, are threatening not to screen Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland.’
  32. the industry
    Don’t Wait Too Long If You Want to See Alice in Wonderland in TheatersDisney is planning a shortened theatrical-release schedule for Tim Burton and Johnny Depp’s latest.
  33. music
    Stream the Very Pop Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack SamplerToday’s teenagers’ answer to the ‘Romeo + Juliet’soundtrack, maybe?
  34. trailer mix
    Latest Alice in Wonderland Trailer Is a Sumptuous Visual FeastOne could argue that Burton is losing his storytelling touch, but man oh man, he can still compose gorgeous visuals.
  35. trailer mix
    Alice in Wonderland Trailer Appears to Be Significantly Less Scary Than We Initially PerceivedExcept for Helena Bonham Carter’s Red Queen, that is.
  36. bedtime stories
    Mary-Louise Parker’s Alice in Wonderland Significantly Less Terrifying Than Tim Burton’sThe bedside milk and cookies sure help.
  37. nightmare fuel
    Terrifying Alice in Wonderland Stills Make Where the Wild Things Are Look Downright Cheery by ComparisonYikes!
  38. the industry
    Catherine Zeta-Jones in Talks to Star in World’s Most Ridiculous FilmPlus: Jack Ryan rebooted?
  39. the industry
    Helena Bonham Carter Unexpectedly Joins the Cast of a Tim Burton MoviePlus: Hollywood to make a movie out of a comic book!
  40. Jack Black Is Not Jason BournePlus: Chris O’Donnell and Jack McBrayer team up, and Hilary Swank pulls herself up by her bootstraps.
  41. eye candy
    First Look: On Location in ‘Wonderland’Some of the first glimpses of Tim Burton’s forthcoming adaptation of Lewis Caroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ have leaked from a set in Cornwall, England.
  42. the industry
    Disney Gives Johnny Depp Another Free Trip to the CaribbeanPlus: We hope you like vampires!
  43. vulture lists
    10 Made-up Sports We Wish the Olympics AdoptedForget team handball, modern pentathlon, and the 400-meter individual medley — how about skeet surfing?
  44. the industry
    John Waters to Apply Another Blast of ‘Hairspray’Plus: MTV is remaking ‘Rocky Horror’ for no reason whatsoever.
  45. the industry
    John C. Reilly Gets His ‘Freak’ OnPlus: What’s Jeff Goldblum up to?