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  1. What Happened to ‘James Hunter Black Draftee’? A Mystery at the Met BreuerJames Hunter never showed up for his second sitting with Alice Neel, who left the painting unfinished. What happened to him?
  2. unfinished business
    Inside the New Met Breuer’s Housewarming ShowThe stories behind 500 years of “unfinished” artworks in one famous Brutalist redoubt.
  3. art
    Saltz: Did Modernism Even Happen in America?At the same moment in the early 20th century when Europe and Russia, especially, were trying to make art dealing with the modern condition, Americans were actually just being modern, living it.
  4. art candy
    Decades of Painter Alice Neel in a Single SweepSee 29 portraits and nudes in our slideshow.
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    ‘Alice Neel’: Portrait of the Artist as a Grandmother