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Alice Sebold

  1. the law
    Man Wrongfully Accused of Author Alice Sebold’s Rape Exonerated After 40 Years“My goal in 1982 was justice — not to perpetuate injustice,” Alice Sebold has written in a statement.
  2. trailer mix
    The Lovely Bones Trailer: Peter Jackson Is a Long Way From Middle EarthWe’re feeling decidedly mixed on this one.
  3. apropos of nothing
    Peter Jackson’s ‘The Lovely Bones’ Plagued by More Hilarious ProblemsWhat should heaven look like? Also, how drunk should Susan Sarandon’s character get?
  4. ranters and ravers
    Sam Anderson: How Critics, Including Me, Screwed Up Our Alice Sebold ReviewsHow did we all get an important plot detail so totally wrong?
  5. quote machine
    Jimmy Kimmel Loves America! And, to a Lesser Extent, Canada!Plus: Quotes from Eric Clapton and Alice Sebold!
  6. the early word
    Book Expo GalleyWatch: Which Fall Books Got the Biggest Push?
  7. news reel
    So How Is Peter Jackson’s Script for ‘The Lovely Bones’?